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(X-posted from my journal. Thanks to [personal profile] executrix and [personal profile] wendelah1 for pointing me towards some of these.)

Thanks to folks at [community profile] thisfinecrew for links, and links that led to other links among the following:

Solidarity Cville: Donate -- suggestions and links for local groups to support

Indivisble: Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville - Find an Event

The Nation: Here’s What You Can Do After Charlottesville

Indivisible: Are Your Members of Congress Doing Enough to Respond to the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack? -- though this is several days old and therefore lacks a script for HOLY FUCK THE PRESIDENT IS DEFENDING NEO-NAZIS (EVEN MORE) WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

SPLC releases new edition of Ten Ways to Fight Hate guide after Charlottesville attack

Politico: GOP chairmen resist hearings on white supremacy

They don't want it. Demand it.

[tumblr.com profile] plaidadder: Three Democratic members of the House have introduced a censure resolution.

You can read the text here.

Censure is a formal reprimand. It is not legally binding, but it is rare, and Sends a Message. MoveOn.org originally organized around a campaign to get Congress to censure Clinton instead of impeaching him.

This may be an attempt to accomplish something less difficult than impeachment; or it may be a trial run to see how many Republicans are ready to jump from the Trump Train.

ETA: Politico: Pelosi endorses censure of Trump over Charlottesville response -- apparently at least 79 Democrats have signed.

Not directly Charlottesville-related, but interesting and could be worth asking your reps to support:

H.R.1987 - Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity Act

To steal Wikipedia's explanation: "This bill would replace the Cabinet as the body that, together with the Vice President, determines whether Section 4 should be invoked. Under the bill, an eleven-member commission would conduct an examination of the President when directed to do so by a concurrent resolution of the Congress."

(Which, basically, shifts the power to forcibly 25th-Amendment the President back towards Congress to a greater degree, as opposed to depending entirely on the Cabinet which that President apppointed.)
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You guys, we did it!!!! Trumpcare is dead for another day.

Feel free to drop other links in the comments below.

Bipartisan House group meets quietly on Obamacare (Politico)

Town Hall Project - Congress is in recess. You can find out who is having town halls here.

Can Roy Cooper Show Democrats How to Win Again? (Politico)
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As always, feel free to link your own finds in the comments!

But Their Emails (New Republic). Discussion of how maybe the Dems' fundraising strategies have gone awry. The theories confirm all my personal biases, but I'd have liked more facts to go with.

Ways To Stay Motivated In This Shit-Shellacked Era Of Epic Stupid (Chuck Wendig). This is specifically aimed at creators and artists.

Homeless encampments are working, city report finds (My Ballard). Report on a new (for the area) approach to dealing with homelessness.

Conservative business groups help carry criminal justice reforms to victory in Louisiana legislature (The Advocate).

How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor (Vox)

California decided it was tired of women bleeding to death in childbirth (Vox)
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Dropping back in with a few links! Feel free to drop others in comments.

Supreme Court sets higher bar for stripping citizenship (Reuters). The justices ruled 9-0 that a naturalized American citizen cannot be stripped of citizenship if a lie or omission on immigration forms was irrelevant to the government's original decision to grant entry into the United States.

[Seattle] Landlords Are Now Required to Provide Voter Registration Info (Seattle Met). Very cool look at how voting accessibility can be addressed on the city level.

Steyer to plow $7.5 million into voter mobilization efforts (Politico). Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer said Thursday he will put more than $7.5 million into an effort to register and turn out young voters in eight states ahead of the midterm elections.
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News / analysis - health care
* More States To Expand Medicaid Now That Obamacare Remains Law (Forbes)

* How Right-Wing Media Saved Obamacare (Atlantic). The title is a wild misrepresentation of the contents, but it's an interesting summary of what exactly right-wing media has been saying all these years about Obamacare.

* Democrats should write their own “terrific” Obamacare replacement (Vox)

* The Death Of Trumpcare Is The Ultimate Proof Of Obamacare’s Historic Accomplishment (HuffPo)

* How Democrats Aided in the Demise of the GOP’s Health Bill (WSJ)

* John Bel Edwards made 300,000 people eligible for Medicaid within 24 hours of becoming Gov. His upset win in 2015 had huge consequences." (Twitter). Short thread with some really incredible statistics on the difference Medicaid has made to Louisiana.

News / analysis - not health care
* Pentagon Tells Congress to Stop Buying Equipment it Doesn't Need (Military.com).

* LGBT seniors marked for removal from survey on elder care services (Guardian)

* Lacking Evidence of Voter Fraud, Legislatures Target Its Specter (NYT)

* Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants (NYT)

* Federal Judge Sides With Trump In A Challenge To The New Travel Ban Executive Order (Buzzfeed)

* California Upholds Auto Emissions Standards, Setting Up Face-Off With Trump (NYT)

* Nobody Knew Governing Could Be So Complicated (Atlantic). On the difficulty of turning GOP obstructionism into GOP governance.

* Passing Tax Reform Will Be As Difficult As Repealing Obamacare (Forbes)

* Wisconsin judge orders state GOP to redraw gerrymandered legislative districts (Salon, Jan 2017)

* LGBTQ Advocates Horrified By Trump Administration’s Civil Rights Health Pick (HuffPo)

* 'The Resistance' Faces A New Question: What To Do With All That Money (NPR)

* 6 Big Takeaways From The RNC's Incredible 2012 Autopsy (Talking Points Memo, March 2013). This is fascinating to look back on from the perspective of the past election.
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It's been too long since I made a roundup, and I have MANY ARTICLES to link. Here's the first half, which is all healthcare-related. This is pretty much all news/analysis.

* Is Trumpcare already here? (Politico)

* Something new for the Minnesota Legislature: a caucus of first Minnesotans (MinnPost)

* Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win (WaPo)

* Sanders, Democrats rally thousands across the country to save Obamacare (Chicago Trib, Jan 2016)

* Will Obamacare Really Explode? (Politico). Interview with Kaiser Family Foundation health care expert Larry Leavitt.

* Inside the GOP’s Health Care Debacle: Eighteen days that shook the Republican Party—and humbled a president (Politic). Nice summary of events and what went wrong.

* The Republican Waterloo (Atlantic). AHCA post-mortem by conservative David Frum, who's watched his moderate views be completely eclipsed in recent years by the far right. Very interesting perspective from the other side.

* HHS Inspector General Confirms Investigation of Trump Administration Suspension of Affordable Care Act Outreach Efforts (press release from Sen. Warren). I'm not sure what this might amount to, if anything, but it seems hopeful?

* How Republicans quietly sabotaged Obamacare long before Trump came into office (Salon)

* The GOP’s top priority is in trouble (WaPo). Explanation of some of the difficulties in making the tax cuts GOP wants and how the AHCA was supposed to smooth the way for some of them.

* President Trump's healthcare plate is full, and it won't go down easy (Modern Healthcare). Laundry list of health-related issues Trump + Congress will be dealing with this year, not just ACA.

* GOP senator acknowledges Americans’ ‘right’ to health care (MSNBC)
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Activism / resources - both of the articles below are AWESOME and MUST-READS. They are good for the activist soul, you guys.
* Protest and persist: why giving up hope is not an option (Guardian)

* What Calling Congress Achieves (New Yorker)

News / analysis
* Amid Trump resistance, Virginia Democrats see surge of candidates for House of Delegates (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

* Behind the Quiet State-by-State Fight Over Electric Vehicles (NYT)

* Democratic legislators in 30 states to rebut Trump's Congress address (USA Today). This was from 2/27 and I never heard about it, so I'm not sure how successful this legislation rollout was. But it seems like a step in the right direction?

* The Lessons of Obamacare (Vox). A long, in-depth retrospective of how the ACA was written and passed, its effects, and what we can takeaway from it with hindsight. Also, clearly there are a million articles being written on the AHCA, but Sarah Kliff is one of the top people covering it IMO. Colleague Matt Yglesias is also a solid twitter follow for this stuff.

* Why Sequestration Is Poised to Kill Trump's Budget (Atlantic). I don't really understand sequestration yet, but it was the first I'd heard of it and it seems pretty darned important (and also a great relief to those of us who think federal funding for Meals on Wheels and heating assistance for poor people are good things).
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Activism / resources
* flippable on Twitter - a fantastic resource for keeping track of state-level news

* The Ides of Trump - group trying to get a WHOLE BUNCH of people to mail postcards to Trump on March 15.

News / analysis
* Can This Democrat Win the Georgia Sixth? (New Yorker)

* The American Health Care Act: The Republicans’ bill to replace Obamacare, explained (Vox)

* Meet the U.S. attorney who will oversee the Russia probe now that Sessions is recused (Chicago Tribune)

* Trumpcare Is the Culmination of All the GOP’s Health-Care Lies (NY Mag). Despite the leading and clickbaity title, this was one of the most informative of the many (many many) articles I've read on the AHCA and provides some good context for how we got where we are.

* Bill of the Week: In Memory of Sandra Bland (Austin Chronicle). A bill introduced to TX legislature, chock full of important criminal justice reforms.

* Washington state Senate passes accommodations for pregnant workers (Sen. Karen Keiser's page). The senate is the GOP-majority chamber in WA state, so this is pretty sure to sail through the Dem-majority house. \o/

* State Republicans Push For More Restrictive Voting Laws (NPR)

* Supreme Court Allows Prying Into Jury Deliberations If Racism Is Perceived (NPR)

* Federal court invalidates parts of Texas congressional map. (Twitter thread w/commentary/implications)

* Stronger than Tea: The anti-Trump resistance is much bigger than the Tea Party — and it has to be (Salon)

* Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed Across the Government (Pro Publica)

* How the ACLU is gearing up to take on Trump, one city at a time (Yahoo!)
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Activism / Resources
* The Tap (Ballotpedia). This is a weekly newsletter of politics news and events, including Trump news, special elections, SCOTUS activity - a whole wide range of stuff. Definitely worth subscribing.

* State legislative special elections, 2017 (Ballotpedia).

* WTF Just Happened Today, a daily politics news twitter. Nice for getting just the headlines from, without all the repeated retweets some twitters do.

News / Analysis
*Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media (Guardian). Read only if you want to turn your panic up to 11.

* Ohio Gov. Kasich says House conservatives may cause "problem" passing Obamacare replacement. This is REALLY interesting to me - it suggests that some GOP congress members are so conservative that there's no satisfying them AND the base that's demanding that they get to keep their health care benefits, so the Republicans will have to work with (/ make at least moderately happy) some Dems to make up for those lost conservatives. (In addition to the Dems they'd have to have to pass any bills at all, obviously.)

* Chris Christie tells GOP lawmakers to hold town halls: ‘You asked for the job. Go do it.’ (WaPo)

* Churches Are Readying Homes And Underground Railroads To Hide Immigrants From Deportation Under Trump (Buzzfeed)

* I Was a Muslim in Trump's White House (Atlantic)
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The White House is still working on a new Muslim ban, but has delayed release of the revised executive order to next week.

Gosh, do you think coming up with something constitutional might be difficult? Maybe that's why the White House has finally involved the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security in formulating the ban. It's a pity those pesky analysts at DHS have produced a draft report that disputes that citizens of the banned nations pose a threat.


DHS issued memos placing the vast majority of the U.S.'s 11 million undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation.

But Mexico isn't happy with the plan to deport all undocumented immigrants back to Mexico (even if they're not Mexican)

Santa Cruz’s police chief accused DHS of turning a raid targeting violent gang members into a secret immigration sweep.

It's going to be hard to recruit the ICE and Border Patrol agents needed to enforce any order.

The ACLU and other groups have promised to challenge the crackdown on undocumented immigrants

Border Patrol demanded the ID of everyone on a domestic flight before allowing them to deplane.

Meanwhile, the case of Daniel Ramirez Medina, the DACA recipient detained and accused of gang affiliation based on an apparently doctored statement, continues. I've struggled to find updates on this, so please let me know if you have better sources, but it seems his lawyers are refusing a bond hearing in immigration court, arguing the case belongs in federal court, not immigration court.

Check out our muslim ban, immigration, DACA and protest tags for actions you can take, such as places that will need donations and protests you could attend.

(Note: if you hit your monthly limit for articles from the Washington Post, you can still view them by opening them in a "private browsing" window.)
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Activism / resources (To Do)
* How to build a resilient culture of resistance in hard times (Waging Nonviolence)

* How to Run for Your Local School Board (Teen Vogue)

* Why I Ran: Rep. Erin Maye Quade (Elle)

News / analysis (To Read)
* The Morality of Voting? (Emily Ellsworth)

* ‘I’m a Dead Man Walking’ (Politico). Lengthy profile of Rep. Mark Sanford (SC), who is vocally anti-Trump.

* When A Politician Says 'Fake News' And A Newspaper Threatens To Sue Back (NPR)

* How India Saved the Internet (Waging Nonviolence). On how a bunch of Indian activists prevented India from becoming a "digital colony" of Facebook.

* The Movement for Black Lives, with their platform. This is the group that calls itself the United Front. I believe it grew out of Black Lives Matter, but is built of a coalition of a whole bunch of groups. Their platform is long, thorough, and really worth a read-through (which I haven't done yet).

* A Mild-Mannered Woman From Washington Is The Democrats’ Deadliest Weapon (HuffPo)
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As always, check the comments for links as well. (I often forget to mention that in the post, sorry.)

Activism / Resources (To Do)
* Report Shows ‘Untapped Power’ of Constituent Advocacy (Roll Call). I wasn't sure how to take this, as it seems to argue against phone calls in addition to arguing for in-person advocacy.

Analysis (To Read)
Here's How Much Betsy DeVos And Her Family Paid To Back GOP Senators Who Will Support Her (MSN)

* Voting Laws Roundup 2017 (Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law)

* The voting rights manifesto: a state-by-state plan to defend democracy (Vox)

* No Limits: How Obamacare made health insurance work for this sick boy — and thousands like him. (Vox)

* The Real Reason Why Andy Puzder Won’t Become Labor Secretary (The Nation). Really interesting how the Betsy DeVos hearings helped kill Puzder's nomination.

* The Resistance Prevented Puzder from Becoming Labor Secretary (The Nation). I feel like this article stopped about 2/3 of the way through, before talking about what the organized labor resistance was actually DOING. But still interesting.

* This Emoluments Thing Isn’t Going Away (Slate)

* E.P.A. Workers Try to Block Pruitt in Show of Defiance (NYT)
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Activism / resources
* DonorsChoose - a charity for funneling donations directly into projects supporting specific classrooms in the US. Given top rating by Charity Navigator.

* Jason Kander Launches Let America Vote To Fight Voter Suppression Laws Across The Country (main website here)

* VoteRunLead, an organization which "VoteRunLead supports the aspirations of women who want to transform our country and democracy through their participation as leaders."

* CAWP: Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers) (including their Ready to Run campaign training)

* Vote Riders, an organization that is "making sure that no eligible citizen is denied his or her right to vote for lack of ID."

* Knock Every Door, a nationwide canvassing effort

* Movement Voter Project: "Movement Voter Project (MVP) is a service to donors – from grassroots individual donors to major donors and foundations. We talent-scout both national movement-building efforts and local efforts in all 50 states that are focused on voter engagement."

Good news
* Pentagon recommending exemptions to immigration ban for Iraqis working with U.S. forces (Politico)

* These 23 Republicans hold congressional districts that voted for Hillary Clinton (Daily Kos)

Bad news
* Lawmakers move to fine charities that help refugees (AZ Capitol Times)

* The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks: resistance works (Vox)

* The Rise of Progressive 'Fake News' (Atlantic)

* Liberals On the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown (Politic). An opinion piece on whether Trump really has a secret plan.

* Why Congress just killed a rule restricting coal companies from dumping waste in streams (Vox). This has a lot of background and recommended reading on stuff like the making and repealing of rules, why Congress went after this rule specifically, etc - chewy stuff that applies to a lot of topics besides streams.

* The dream of a conservative carbon tax will never die (Vox)

* Democrats look to 2018 governors races for rebuild (Politico)

* Let’s be clear on the precedent here: it’s the 1836-44 gag rule that forbade any consideration of abolition in the House. 1/ (Twitter). The background of the rule that silenced Sen. Warren. WOW.


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