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Twitter’s Alts and Rogues: Twitter is full of "alt-gov", or alternate government, accounts — but without verification, it's difficult to know whom to trust.

Snopes has been doing the grunt work of trying to determine which of the rogue government agency twitter accounts are legit, and they've got a list that they'll continue to update. As the author of the article says,

We cannot guarantee everything every account posts is true or direct insider information; however, we can verify that each has a legitimate connection to what they’re posting about.
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The EPA wants to know what you think about scrapping air-pollution and radiation rules (Business Insider)

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Due May 15 2017, at 11:59 PM ET
  • Read and understand the regulatory document you are commenting on
  • Feel free to reach out to the agency with questions
  • Be concise but support your claims
  • Base your justification on sound reasoning, scientific evidence, and/or how you will be impacted
  • Address trade-offs and opposing views in your comment
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for an effective comment
  • The comment process is not a vote – one well supported comment is often more influential than a thousand form letters

If you want to SEE the difference the EPA protections make on our air quality, here's the NASA satellite evidence that these regulations reduce pollution and improve air quality.

ACTION: Here is the page soliciting comments where you can leave your protest
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Thank a Government Scientist

The Union of Concerned Scientists is asking people to:
Help pushback against the anti-science rhetoric from the Trump administration with some appreciation: Take a moment to thank a government scientist today. Let them know how much you appreciate the crucial role they play in our daily lives and that you will advocate for science-based policies every day!
They provide suggested text and a hashtag for tweets/Facebook messages, along with contact details for the EPA, NOAA, NASA, DoE, USDA, FDA, USCPSC and NWS.

They are also offering to forward snailmail cards to the relevant agency if you mail them to the address they provide.


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