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Here's a twitter thread with a good summary of the current situation, as well as some great ideas and resources for taking action. These include a link to a list of Health Legislative Assistants for various senators, and the suggestion to reach out via social media to friends in states with key senators who need to be influenced:


It also points out that, worryingly, staffers report calls to senators' offices have fallen back to near to "normal", pre-Trump levels.

This Trumpcare Toolkit also provides a list of the key senators who need to be influenced and gives some easy ways to reach them. There's also a link to a letter asking the Senate to take expert and public testimony on the bill:


Edit: Another list of staffers dealing with healthcare for Republican senators:


From the responses to that thread: if your senators are Democrats, you can call and ask them to hold off on all non-essential business until a public hearing is scheduled for the new bill.
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Twitter’s Alts and Rogues: Twitter is full of "alt-gov", or alternate government, accounts — but without verification, it's difficult to know whom to trust.

Snopes has been doing the grunt work of trying to determine which of the rogue government agency twitter accounts are legit, and they've got a list that they'll continue to update. As the author of the article says,

We cannot guarantee everything every account posts is true or direct insider information; however, we can verify that each has a legitimate connection to what they’re posting about.
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The Twitter Government and Elections team, [twitter.com profile] gov, has compiled lists of "Principal Accounts" (a mix of campaign and government accounts) for:

State Governors
Members of the U.S. Senate
Members of the U.S. House of Representatives

This should make it easier to follow your own representatives and find contact details when you need to get in touch with a particular representative on a specific issue.

(I assume as this is an official Twitter account, the lists will be updated to reflect any changes following the elections once the new term starts.)


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