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(X-posted from my journal. Thanks to [personal profile] executrix and [personal profile] wendelah1 for pointing me towards some of these.)

Thanks to folks at [community profile] thisfinecrew for links, and links that led to other links among the following:

Solidarity Cville: Donate -- suggestions and links for local groups to support

Indivisble: Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville - Find an Event

The Nation: Here’s What You Can Do After Charlottesville

Indivisible: Are Your Members of Congress Doing Enough to Respond to the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack? -- though this is several days old and therefore lacks a script for HOLY FUCK THE PRESIDENT IS DEFENDING NEO-NAZIS (EVEN MORE) WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

SPLC releases new edition of Ten Ways to Fight Hate guide after Charlottesville attack

Politico: GOP chairmen resist hearings on white supremacy

They don't want it. Demand it.

[tumblr.com profile] plaidadder: Three Democratic members of the House have introduced a censure resolution.

You can read the text here.

Censure is a formal reprimand. It is not legally binding, but it is rare, and Sends a Message. MoveOn.org originally organized around a campaign to get Congress to censure Clinton instead of impeaching him.

This may be an attempt to accomplish something less difficult than impeachment; or it may be a trial run to see how many Republicans are ready to jump from the Trump Train.

ETA: Politico: Pelosi endorses censure of Trump over Charlottesville response -- apparently at least 79 Democrats have signed.

Not directly Charlottesville-related, but interesting and could be worth asking your reps to support:

H.R.1987 - Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity Act

To steal Wikipedia's explanation: "This bill would replace the Cabinet as the body that, together with the Vice President, determines whether Section 4 should be invoked. Under the bill, an eleven-member commission would conduct an examination of the President when directed to do so by a concurrent resolution of the Congress."

(Which, basically, shifts the power to forcibly 25th-Amendment the President back towards Congress to a greater degree, as opposed to depending entirely on the Cabinet which that President apppointed.)
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[TW: settler colonial violence against Native people, genocide]

On this day in 1890, US troops massacred 150 Lakota men, women, and children at Wounded Knee. Afterwards, twenty of those soldiers were given the Congressional Medal of Honor. (In contrast, only seven soldiers were given the medal of honor during the decades-long Afghanistan war.) (Citation)

There is a petition to rescind those medals of honor.

No one should get a medal for genocide.
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What: Milo the white supremacist Twitter troll has signed a 250k book deal with Simon and Schuster. (source here)

In addition to working for Breitbart and leading the troll army that bullied Leslie Jones off Twitter, Milo has also been on a campus speaking tour during which he publicly targeted a trans student *by name* and forced the student to withdraw from classes due to the following wave of targeted hate.

Okay, this is gross, what can I do?:

  • Contact Simon and Schuster and let them know you are upset that they are giving money and a platform to white supremacists. I have been trying to find a phone #, but for the meantime their contact form is available via their website.

  • There is ~debate~ about an out-and-out S&S boycott, as a lot of diverse authors also publish with them. (Milo is publishing under their "Threshhold books" label which is basically their deplorable label.) Boycott is up to you.

  • Signal boost and support diverse books that counter Milo's message (whether they publish with S&S or with indie publications). I've heard from authors that positive reviews, even short ones, are really helpful -- particularly when a troll strategy is to leave one star reviews of books. Personally, I'm trying to support black women and trans authors right now.

  • Share diverse book recs in the comments or links to reviews. At a time when our heroes are dying, we need diverse stories to keep us going now more than ever.
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Via Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

"The man who runs the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has announced an armed march by white supremacists in an effort to harass a Montana Jewish community....

"Whitefish is home to white supremacist leader Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank....

"The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist publication, published a blog post earlier in the month calling for followers to 'take action' against Jews in Whitefish by writing and calling them with anti-Semitic messages. The post claimed that Jewish residents were 'threatening' Spencer's mother's business in the town.

"The post included the names, phone numbers and addresses of Jewish Whitefish residents — in addition to the Twitter handle and photo of a child. The post also included photos of Jewish residents of Whitefish emblazoned with yellow stars."

Response from the Anti-Defamation League:

"....ADL has been in regular contact with the victim families, as well as relevant law enforcement authorities and other public officials. We are helping community members in their efforts to have offensive photos removed and following up with our own law enforcement contacts at the FBI and the Department of Justice. We have also offered to provide guidance on online security. Our consistent message has been that the community’s security is paramount, but it is also vitally important to fight back against the hate."

Call to action:

Donate to the Anti-Defamation League to help them continue this important work.

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In the Wall Street Journal:

Christopher M. Matthews reports (Dec. 9), in "Judge Denies Developer's Request to Force Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline's Final Stage," that Judge James Boasberg of the District Court for the District of Columbia rejected Energy Transfer Partner LP's request for an order requiring the federal government to approve the last link of the Dakota Access pipeline. The Obama administration denied the permit needed to finish the pipeline. However, Judge Boasberg ordered the lawyers for both sides to file motions by January 31 for continuation of the case--which, of course, might be moot if the new administration reverses the Army Corps of Engineers' decision. However, Energy Transfer Partners said that the delays cost it $450 million, and it would lose $80 million a month from further delays.

Jennifer Levitz reports (Dec. 11), "Dispute Over Proposed Muslim Cemetery in Massachusetts Town Deepens," that Dudley, Massachusetts is the latest site of a dispute over Muslim cemeteries. The Islamic Society of Greater Worcester wants to build a cemetery on a parcel that was formerly farm land. Levitz' article says that "town officials have cited concerns about the scale of the project potential traffic issues and its environmental impact."

The Islamic Society attributed the decision to "100% fear and bias." The town's lawyer, Gary Brackett, said the same concerns would have been raised no matter what the religion that sought to build the cemetery. The Islamic Society applied for a permit in January 2016. Local residents objected at a public hearing, objecting to potential noise, traffic hazards, and "impact of buried bodies on wells." The permit was denied in June. The town of Dudley said that the Islamic Society did not have standing to buy the land, and the town had a right of first refusal on the property. (The town later said it would not buy the property).

The Islamic Society's suit against the town of Dudley was filed in July in Massachusetts state court, and is still pending. In August, Carmen Ortiz, the US Attorney for Massachusetts said her office would investigate whether unreasonable barriers on the Islamic Society's right of religious exercise. Brackett said that the town might submit the permit issue to a townwide vote. On December 11, however, Massachusetts State Attorney General Maura Healey warned the town that communities are forbidden to prohibit, regulate, or restrict the use of land or structures for religious purposes.

The ACLU said that efforts have been made to deny zoning permits for Muslim organizations in other places.
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To many white Trump voters, the problem wasn’t her economic stance, but the larger vision — a multi-ethnic social democracy — that it was a part of.

"Among the 52 percent of voters who said economics was the most important issue in the election, Clinton beat Trump by double digits. In the vast majority of swing states, voters said they preferred Clinton on the economy. If the 2016 election had come down to economics exclusively, the working class — which, by any reasonable definition, includes the black, Hispanic, and Asian working classes, too — would have elected Hillary Clinton president.

"The more frightening possibility for liberals is that Clinton didn’t lose because the white working class failed to hear her message, but precisely because they did hear it.

"Trump’s white voters do support the mommy state, but only so long as it’s mothering them."

The lesson here is that Clinton's economic message was on the right track, and Dems should continue to pursue it. But if they want to win, it's critical that they fight like hell against the systematic, racially-targeted voter suppression laws that Republican leaders have enacted in every state they control.

The future of the Democratic party lies in fighting systemic racism at every level. In less than 50 year, the majority of the American populace will be non-white. This is precisely why Republicans are trying to stoke the flames of racism and suppress the voting rights of the soon-to-be majority. Right now, it's working. It needs to end.
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Ask the Electors: Write to the electors in red states and ask them to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton (or even another candidate) to prevent Trump from reaching 270.

How to Be Your Own Light in the Age of Trump: "Having studied authoritarian states for over a decade, I would never exaggerate the severity of the threat we now face. But an American kleptocracy is exactly where president-elect Trump and his backers are taking us. That’s why I have a favor to ask you, my fellow Americans."

Meet the Real Face of the Trump Voter: "The 'populist' side of Trump's campaign was actually a vision that catered only to white working-class men. There is no innocent Trump voter."

And for my Canadian friends: Lessons from the Trump election for progressives in Canada


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