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(Cross-posting from my DW.)

McCain's a no, Susan Collins is finding it "very difficult" to envision voting for the bill, and others are dithering or have expressed concern. But as I understand it you need three Republican "no" votes to stop Pence from tie-breaking, and Trump and co. are leaning hard on people to fall in line.

The latest trick is revising the bill to send money towards the states of potential holdouts.

So -- things are looking hopeful, but it's not a given that it'll fail.

[tumblr.com profile] plaidadder: Zombie Trumpcare 3.0 continues to stagger through the streets. It is time to call your elected representatives again.

[tumblr.com profile] bengaliprincess: heads up: as of right now, whip count for the graham-cassidy health care bill (trumpcare 3.0? i think it’s 3.0 honestly i’ve lost track) is split evenly at 50-50.

[tumblr.com profile] sashayed: Hello! Good morning! Did you know Congress is trying to kill millions of people, again? (includes script, with screaming; maybe leave out the screaming? or maybe don't?)

[tumblr.com profile] digoxin-purpurea: Anonymous asked: yeah that's part of the issue.... phone anxiety means i don't like to make people uncomfortable even if it's Very Worth It (contains very brief and good phone script)

WaPo current tally:

Cassidy-Graham whip count

Satirical commentary:

McSweeney's: Why Won’t You Just Let Us Pass a Health Care Bill and Kill a Few Million People?
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Via [tumblr.com profile] vassraptor:

[tumblr.com profile] realsocialskills: Urgent: The GOP is close to destroying the ACA and Medicaid

The GOP is trying to repeal the ACA and cut Medicaid again. They almost have the votes to do it. We have the chance to stop them from getting the votes, if we act *right now*. We need to put overwhelming pressure on every senator to vote no.

Summary of the current situation, who to contact, and an excellent script for phone calls/e-mails from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.
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In a dramatic late-night vote, three Republican senators join all 48 Democrats in voting down the so-called "skinny" repeal bill. (Politico)

I was following twitter feeds of some of the reporters at the Senate during the vote-a-rama, and everyone was pretty much stunned by the turn of events. For more than an hour, Republicans refused to close the previous vote so that they'd have more time to strong-arm McCain, Murkowski, and Collins. No one knew what was being said, so reporters were describing body language and hoping. I couldn't believe it was going to go our way, even when Pence left the building.

And then the votes came in.


(Okay, nothing's officially dead until we get a better ACA repair bill in play, but still -- this was supposed to be a done deal in January and we've fought it to a fucking standstill and I AM SO PROUD OF US, LOOK HOW STRONG WE ARE TOGETHER!)
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Four Republican senators have come out against the Senate's ACA replacement bill.

(Of course, McConnell is now moving to repeal with no replacement, so the fight's not over yet. Keep calling!)

But I have to celebrate this moment. If someone had told me in January that we'd get this far, I wouldn't have believed it! With luck, they'll find out that the straight repeal is just as unworkable as they thought it would be in February when they decided against it. And either way, we've made them spend six months on internal backstabbing, badmouthing, and time wasting that they can't get back, and a lot of ill will generated within the Republican caucus that won't be forgiven without a lot of effort.
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Vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (the name of the Senate bill) has been postponed until after the July 4 recess. And when they get back, they'll have a whole megillah about passing the budget, which has a hard deadline, so they may "forget" to take up the BCRA.

This is c&pd from a Center for Medicare Advocacy Alert:

Health Care Repeal Vote Postponed - But Keep the Pressure On

Senate leadership today announced that a vote on the Senate health care repeal bill would be postponed until after the July 4 recess. While this shows that the efforts of all those who have called and written to tell the truth about this awful legislation are working, it is not the end. We saw this happen in the House, and can’t let it happen again.

Use the July 4 recess to attend town halls, parades and rallies, and don’t stop calling your Senators to tell them not to cut or cap Medicaid.

Find a town hall event: https://townhallproject.com (Find tips for attending a town hall at http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/10/politics/town-hall-location-congress)
Call your Senators' local and state offices: Get numbers for every Senator's in-state and Washington, DC offices at https://action.seiu.org/page/content/congressional-offices
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HHS is accepting public comments on the AHCA/Better Care Reconciliation Act. All you have to do is either sign your name to a canned comment, or write your own:

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(both seen at [community profile] fail_fandomanon)

Here's a twitter thread with a good summary of the current situation, as well as some great ideas and resources for taking action. These include a link to a list of Health Legislative Assistants for various senators, and the suggestion to reach out via social media to friends in states with key senators who need to be influenced:


It also points out that, worryingly, staffers report calls to senators' offices have fallen back to near to "normal", pre-Trump levels.

This Trumpcare Toolkit also provides a list of the key senators who need to be influenced and gives some easy ways to reach them. There's also a link to a letter asking the Senate to take expert and public testimony on the bill:


Edit: Another list of staffers dealing with healthcare for Republican senators:


From the responses to that thread: if your senators are Democrats, you can call and ask them to hold off on all non-essential business until a public hearing is scheduled for the new bill.
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(I don't think this has been posted yet. If it has, I don't think it will do any harm to post it again.)

ActBlue has set up a 2018 Democratic Nominee Fund to collect contributions and distribute them equally (unless you specify otherwise) to democratic nominees in 24 House races once they have been chosen in the primaries:
Twenty-four Republicans from districts where Trump won less than 50 percent of the vote in 2016 voted for this bill. Democrats need 24 seats to take back the House. Most of these races don't have Democratic candidates yet or have primaries next year. But we're not waiting till then. Every dollar you contribute to a Democratic Nominee Fund on this page will be transferred to the Democratic nominee when they win their primary next year. That means every dollar will go directly to beating Paul Ryan's majority and taking back the House.
Donate to the ActBlue fund here

Additional Action: I saw this linked over at [community profile] fail_fandomanon. The person who posted the link also suggested calling your representative if they voted for Trumpcare, even if they're not in one of the 24 districts listed, and telling them that you donated and why.
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I just called my State Senator's local office (Cochran, R-MS) and the very nice lady there told me that they're trying a new system where they take your name, address, optional on phone and email and they take very close care to write down your exact opinion, not just a yes/no. (Mine was that I have eight of the pre-existing conditions that will be removed if the AHCA gets passed by the Senate, please vote against this, Mr Cochran.)

Be aware if that's a thing your reps are doing.

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The Senate has already bounced this POS bill. They're not even going to bring it up for a vote; instead, they're working on their own version.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep pounding on the House members who voted for it (and, obscenely, celebrated it). Make their lives hell. Taunt them with reports of the money you've donated to their opponents, or to groups that support their opponents. With any luck, we'll see a flood of them deciding that they "need more time with their families" in early 2018.
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One last AHCA reaction twitter thread, this one from Sydette (@Blackamazon)
Hat tip to [personal profile] owlmoose who has a post on other goings on here.

Even though this was gutting and these folks are Satan's minions in Jesus' clothes...

The Vote was 213 to 217. That was 4 folks. FOUR out of 430. Your advocating matters you're calling matters

These assholes came on in January and swore that they were gonna cakewalk through the year after a 100 day stroll

Even when some of these legislators have been slippery and indecisive ? You have knocked them back EVERY single time

It's only 105 days and Paul Ryan had to BEG on bended knee , and Cheeto already wants to go home

They went from power strutting to banking on four folks . That's facts

Yes this just harm reduction but harm reduction MATTERS . Live matters and fighting for it is LONG TERM

and people on the RIGHT and the LEFT thought folks would burn out by now. Be complacent

and now ? They gotta sell the store to get four.

We don't gotta compromise or strategize SHIT at this point. IT's a BRAWL . There are less of them than there are of us

Love is patient love is kind and in the words of @MoneyLynch ? "Sometimes you just gotta run through a motherfuckers face"

if they wanna sing to our deaths with beer ? They better be prepared for the tune-up EVERY TIME WE BLITZ? ALL NIGHT

Defeat is not the failure . Acceptance is

We don't do this "for the Dems" because i want to drop kick some of them into the Potomac. It's for US.

Take care of you . Breathe . Cry . Fuck. Sleep . Meditate . Blaze . Pray Dance it out . Step in and step out

But don't you dare feel like you didn't do anything or what you're doing doesn't matter. It does

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The latest attempt to repeal the ACA (which is designed to placate the Freedom Caucus) is now being opposed by some of the more moderate Republicans who were on board with the first attempt. With the House Republican leadership trying to figure out how to proceed next week, here's a target list of representatives who need to be contacted today or Monday to let them know you oppose ACA repeal.

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A solid 35-page report on facts about PPACA and Marketplaces from the Congressional Research Service:

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It's been too long since I made a roundup, and I have MANY ARTICLES to link. Here's the first half, which is all healthcare-related. This is pretty much all news/analysis.

* Is Trumpcare already here? (Politico)

* Something new for the Minnesota Legislature: a caucus of first Minnesotans (MinnPost)

* Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win (WaPo)

* Sanders, Democrats rally thousands across the country to save Obamacare (Chicago Trib, Jan 2016)

* Will Obamacare Really Explode? (Politico). Interview with Kaiser Family Foundation health care expert Larry Leavitt.

* Inside the GOP’s Health Care Debacle: Eighteen days that shook the Republican Party—and humbled a president (Politic). Nice summary of events and what went wrong.

* The Republican Waterloo (Atlantic). AHCA post-mortem by conservative David Frum, who's watched his moderate views be completely eclipsed in recent years by the far right. Very interesting perspective from the other side.

* HHS Inspector General Confirms Investigation of Trump Administration Suspension of Affordable Care Act Outreach Efforts (press release from Sen. Warren). I'm not sure what this might amount to, if anything, but it seems hopeful?

* How Republicans quietly sabotaged Obamacare long before Trump came into office (Salon)

* The GOP’s top priority is in trouble (WaPo). Explanation of some of the difficulties in making the tax cuts GOP wants and how the AHCA was supposed to smooth the way for some of them.

* President Trump's healthcare plate is full, and it won't go down easy (Modern Healthcare). Laundry list of health-related issues Trump + Congress will be dealing with this year, not just ACA.

* GOP senator acknowledges Americans’ ‘right’ to health care (MSNBC)
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To report on your Town Hall or other recess action to defend ACA, here's the form for adding your action to the Indivisible/OFA database:

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Organizing for Action is concentrating on Obamacare, but the tool could be adapted to other issues:


BTW I thought of two new tags: #RESISTAGE and #THE FANS HIT THE SHIT
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What the ACA Does for People Insured Through Their Employer.

Because it doesn't just affect people who buy their insurance through the exchanges.

"People who get insurance through their employers – an estimated 150 million Americans – may also lose consumer protections they have come to expect from their job-based plans." [emphasis mine]

That's 46% of the US population! (150 million of about 325 million, if my sources are right).

Add in the 20 million who bought through the exchanges, and you're talking more than 50% of the US population.
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Vox's rundown of the day. Top section is on what went on with last night's Senate votes to further set the stage for Obamacare repeal.

Basically the vote was straight down party lines, 51(R) to 48 (D). And the Ds forced amendment votes to keep all the major provisions like keeping kids on their parents plans till 26, covering pre-existing conditions, etc. The Rs voted them down, going for a straight up repeal.

Also from Vox: What the Republicans have so far for replacement plans.

These each keep different parts of the ACA. None of them solve healthcare.

Feel free to link to other articles. I picked these for their summary nature.

ACTION: Keep the pressure on the Republicans to at least have a replacement plan before they repeal, or not to repeal at all. Thank Democrats who support the ACA.

1. Info on finding your representatives contact info.

2. Call your Senators and Representatives. Star Wars achievement badges are in your future.

3. Here's your script from the "We're His Problem Now" google doc I would suggest copying the script into a word processor and filling in all the blanks before using it.

(If you use a subsidized plan) I’m ---- -----, a constituent calling to let <Senator/Representative ____> that I depend on <an ACA health plan, Medicare, Medicaid> for my health insurance coverage. I want the <Senator/Rep> to protect <ACA/Medicare/Medicaid> from cuts or changes that would result in a loss of coverage for me and millions of other Americans. Please ask <him/her> to fight for my right to health care!

(If you don’t use a subsidized plan)
I’m ---- ---- a constituent calling to let <Senator/Representative ____> know that I want <him/her> to stand up for the subsidized health care plans that cover millions of Americans. Please ask <him/her> not to support cuts to Medicaid or Medicare or changes to the ACA that would result in a loss of coverage. Affordable health care is a priority issue for me and I will be paying close attention to how <Senator/Representative ____> votes.

4. Recognize that this will likely not be the last time you call about the ACA.

5. Let us know how it went.


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