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Twitter’s Alts and Rogues: Twitter is full of "alt-gov", or alternate government, accounts — but without verification, it's difficult to know whom to trust.

Snopes has been doing the grunt work of trying to determine which of the rogue government agency twitter accounts are legit, and they've got a list that they'll continue to update. As the author of the article says,

We cannot guarantee everything every account posts is true or direct insider information; however, we can verify that each has a legitimate connection to what they’re posting about.
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The Trump Campaign Has Been Under Investigation Since July

From The New Yorker:

"For the White House, which in recent weeks has urged intelligence and law-enforcement officials to parrot its skepticism about the “Russian story,” Comey’s public acknowledgement of the probe makes it all but impossible to meddle again without risking serious political and legal consequences."

20 years from now there will be a movie about this. Oily fellow sex offender Casey Affleck will play Trump. Unless, god willing, they're sharing a cell together.
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Slate Plus Podcasts - Trumpcast: Not the New Normal – How the Media Should Cover the Trump Presidency

Podcast of an event held at New York University's Skirball Center, with editors talking about how journalists can disseminate facts. Moderator: Brian Stelter (CNN). Panel: Jacob Weisberg (Slate; host of Trumpcast); Lydia Polgreen, Huffington Post,Borja Echevarría, Univision Digital and David Remnick, The New Yorker


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