Jan. 28th, 2017

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Sign up to dial in to the phone call with tips for planning actions for next week:

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Slate Plus Podcasts - Trumpcast: Not the New Normal – How the Media Should Cover the Trump Presidency https://my.slate.com/subscriptions/media/f45e422fc4df391572969e403b5d9af4bc7a41ba67a825eb16cd5d4cfa3e8ccf1bdcd29b91511e031ef2908a6ef72da444065d5b0d8a29ae79930627b46a0619fa0c.mp3

Podcast of an event held at New York University's Skirball Center, with editors talking about how journalists can disseminate facts. Moderator: Brian Stelter (CNN). Panel: Jacob Weisberg (Slate; host of Trumpcast); Lydia Polgreen, Huffington Post,Borja Echevarría, Univision Digital and David Remnick, The New Yorker
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Canada's War on Science.

From 2006 to 2015, Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister of Canada. He attacked science there in the same ways that Trump is attacking it here -- data destroyed, funding slashed, gag orders. We must continue to resist.

An inspiring speech from the Doctor: Everything is going to be okay, if we work for that goal.


Also, Racheline Maltese says:

The White House has shut off its line for public comments (202-456-1111). Calls to the switchboard (202-456-1414) are redirected to recordings suggesting we post comments on line or on Facebook. I have tested this myself and yes it's true.

Send them paper. Letters. Postcards. Deluge them. Separate postcard for every issue you've got. Note your state/voting district/zip code if you do not wish to disclose your name. Be polite. Be endless.

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Note: I've heard that postcards are better than letters because they're not subject to anthrax screening. If handwriting is an issue for you, you can buy computer-printable postcards at any office supplies store.
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This links list feels woefully sparse given all that's happened yesterday and today; I hope y'all have found other sources for the airport protests, the NY taxi driver protest, and Steve Bannon's elevation above the National Security Council.

See the comments for more links!

Activism / resources
* How to Take Action – and Stay Sane – in the Trump Era (Rolling Stone)

* CAIR to Announce Constitutional Challenge to Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Executive Order. You can donate to CAIR here.

* As we wait on the EO, if you hold a passport from: Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen & aren't a U.S. citizen, call for free legal advice. (City of New York CLEAR project - their homepage w/more info is here).

* Get your credit cards out. These are all the orgs I can find who are already lodging legal resistance to the Muslim ban. (Twitter)

* Resistance Manual - a wiki that collects info on Trump's agenda, actions so far, effects, and what we can do about it. Today, I am clinging to this bit.

* Basically a tractor rolling in slow motion in front of a sunset with the American flag superimposed ([personal profile] rydra_wong). Frankly at this point my calls to my GOP Congressman are 60 seconds of barely contained fury, but this post advocates for a different approach. I suspect it's one of those things where it takes both kinds.

Good news
* BREAKING: We sued Texas in December. Today, a federal district court has BLOCKED Texas's unconstitutional fetal burial rule! (Twitter)

* Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Illegal (NYT)

Bad news
* Helping undocumented immigrants now a crime under Trump (Univision)


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