Feb. 8th, 2017

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League of Conservation voters petition asking Army Corps of Engineers to do a full environmental impact study before DAPL goes through:


The Army Corps is accepting public comments until February 20.

Want to know where your local Democratic Party office is?

Association of State Democratic Chairs, www.asdc.democrats.org/state-parties

They have a page on the site where if you belong to (or can subvert) a relevant organization, they'll send a trainer. They want six weeks' notice though.

#Knockeverydoor: https://www.knockeverydoor.org, nationwide volunteer canvassing to mobilize communities against Trump

Movement2017, www.movementvote.org collects donations for Resistance groups and local voter organizing groups.

Flippable: http://www.flippable.org focuses on 23 elections and special elections in 2017 that could be close, and could go anti-Trump with enough organizing effort. One of them is the New Jersey gubernatorial, whoo-hoo!
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From the latest issue of resistablenewsletter@gmail.com

"Check out this comprehensive Google doc (produced by the Town Hall Project) of upcoming town hall meetings with reps and senators. Want to get some quality face time with the people who represent you and make your voice heard? Attend one of these!

**TODAY** Wednesday, February 8
EMERGENCY protests against the DAPL and the Army Corps of Engineers:
2PM CT — Omaha, NE
4PM ET — Manhattan, NY
5PM ET— Washington, DC
5:30 PM ET — Columbus, OH
4PM PT — Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, February 9
6:30PM ET — Cleveland Activist Bootcamp, Cleveland, OH
Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition (FOCC) is hosting "Roe Together," an evening of education and activism on reproductive choice. The speakers will address the moral, legal, legislative, and practical consequences of recent attacks on reproductive rights, as well as providing insights on how to respond effectively through direct action.

Friday, February 10
5PM CST — Rally for Reproductive Rights, Chicago, IL
Reproductive rights, including abortion, are under attack everywhere in this nation. Illinois, and the Chicago area in particular, have long been known as a safe haven for abortion care in the midwest region. We're holding this rally to defend the rights we already have, and to demand their protection and expansion.

Saturday, February 11
11AM ET — Protest PP Counter-Rally, Manhattan, NY

Protest PP is holding country-wide rallies to defund Planned Parenthood. If you think Planned Parenthood is vital and necessary and should receive government funding, then join others who stand with Planned Parenthood in Washington Square Park to peacefully support them.

8:30AM ET — 11th Annual Moral March on Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
This annual mass mobilization brings together justice loving people from across the state and nation to stand against the legislative attacks on the people of North Carolina and to continue to fight for their moral agenda. Opening rally at 9:00 a.m., march and people's assembly at 10:00 a.m. Will gather on South St. in downtown Raleigh.

12PM ET — Support Planned Parenthood, Portland, ME
Join organizers on the steps of City Hall to show support for Planned Parenthood and their mission, which is to provide, promote, and protect access to reproductive health care and sexuality education so that all people can make voluntary choices about their reproductive and sexual health. **This event is in support of Planned Parenthood, but not representative of or affiliated with the organization.

Sunday, February 12
11AM ET — Jewish Community Action for Refugees, Manhattan, NY
Join HIAS, the refugee agency of the Jewish community, to demand that America's doors are reopened to refugees fleeing violence and persecution. In the 1930’s, Jewish refugees were turned away from these shores in their greatest hour of need. Our community must stand up for refugees, and not allow history to repeat itself.

SOON >>>>>>>>>>

Los Angeles, CA
Monday, February 20 — Not My President’s Day Rally
Saturday, April 15 — Trump Tax Returns March
Saturday, April 22 — March for Science (date subject to change, stay tuned)

New York, NY
Monday, February 20 — Not My President’s Day
Saturday, May 6 — La Marcha de Mayo, New York, NY **SEEKING SPONSORS**

Washington, DC
Tuesday, February 28 — We the People: State of the Union protest
Friday, March 10 — Native Nations March on Washington
Saturday, March 11 — No Nazis in DC: Protest Richard Spencer's Neo-Nazi Think Tank
Saturday, April 15 — Tax March on Washington
Sunday, June 11 — National Pride March
Saturday, April 22 (EARTH DAY) — Scientists’ March on Washington

Seattle, WA
Saturday, March 4 — #BlackLivesMatter March for Freedom
Saturday, April 15 — #BlackLivesMatter March on Seattle 2.0

Baltimore, MD
Saturday, April 15 — Baltimore Trump Tax March

Little Rock, AR
Saturday, April 15 — Tax March

Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, February 14 — Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women's March"
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Registration info. for videoconference tomorrow at 8 pm EST:

"Friend --

Beginning February 17, Congress will be home in their respective districts for a week-long recess. We're gearing up to make sure elected officials hear from us -- their constituents -- directly.

This is our opportunity to make our voices heard, in person, on the life-changing impact of Obamacare for tens of millions of Americans -- and just how devastating repeal could be.

So tomorrow, OFA and Indivisible are joining together to host a video conference call to go over tactics and best practices for engaging with representatives while they're visiting their districts.

Here are the details:

What: Defending Obamacare Video Call - Preparing for Congressional Recess
When: Thursday, February 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET
Where: RSVP below for more details.

When it's time for the call to start, here's how to join in -- you'll need to be in front of your computer and on your phone.

1. NewRow is the program we use so that you can see the visual portion of the call. Jump into NewRow here at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start time. Log in as a guest.

2. Maestro is our phone conference line. Using the "RSVP" link above will register you, and Maestro will send you the phone dial-in number and a unique PIN. You'll need this to call in and listen to the audio -- so be sure to register now and have your dial-in and PIN ready prior to the call.

Remember: Give yourself at least 10-15 minutes before the call starts to get logged on to NewRow and dialed in to Maestro. We will begin right at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Thanks and talk to you soon,


Jennifer Warner
National Organizing Director
Organizing for Action"

I just finished listening to the Families USA PPACA defense webinar. Long story short:
1. Some Republicans are sane enough to think there should be a replacement before PPACA repeal, and since basically replacement is impossible this is going to take them awhile.

2. However, advocates thought that the fight to save Medicaid would occur AFTER the fight to save PPACA, but they're happening simultaneously.

3. Block grants and per capita caps are being promoted as "innovative" and "flexible," but they're just ways to cut the federal Medicaid budget by 1/3 and shift the cost increases to the states, which are already desperately short of money. See familiesusa.org for fact sheets explaining why these arguments are so bogus.

4. Depending on how they set the baselines, though, states that expanded Medicaid might get more money than those that didn't. Hehehehe.

5. Follow www.resistancerecess.com for activities during the Congressional recess starting February 20; you can also upload your own event.

6. Familiesusa.org will have tools for face-to-face meetings with legislators, and you can report the results to contact@familiesusa.org.
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Activism / resources
* DonorsChoose - a charity for funneling donations directly into projects supporting specific classrooms in the US. Given top rating by Charity Navigator.

* Jason Kander Launches Let America Vote To Fight Voter Suppression Laws Across The Country (main website here)

* VoteRunLead, an organization which "VoteRunLead supports the aspirations of women who want to transform our country and democracy through their participation as leaders."

* CAWP: Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers) (including their Ready to Run campaign training)

* Vote Riders, an organization that is "making sure that no eligible citizen is denied his or her right to vote for lack of ID."

* Knock Every Door, a nationwide canvassing effort

* Movement Voter Project: "Movement Voter Project (MVP) is a service to donors – from grassroots individual donors to major donors and foundations. We talent-scout both national movement-building efforts and local efforts in all 50 states that are focused on voter engagement."

Good news
* Pentagon recommending exemptions to immigration ban for Iraqis working with U.S. forces (Politico)

* These 23 Republicans hold congressional districts that voted for Hillary Clinton (Daily Kos)

Bad news
* Lawmakers move to fine charities that help refugees (AZ Capitol Times)

* The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks: resistance works (Vox)

* The Rise of Progressive 'Fake News' (Atlantic)

* Liberals On the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown (Politic). An opinion piece on whether Trump really has a secret plan.

* Why Congress just killed a rule restricting coal companies from dumping waste in streams (Vox). This has a lot of background and recommended reading on stuff like the making and repealing of rules, why Congress went after this rule specifically, etc - chewy stuff that applies to a lot of topics besides streams.

* The dream of a conservative carbon tax will never die (Vox)

* Democrats look to 2018 governors races for rebuild (Politico)

* Let’s be clear on the precedent here: it’s the 1836-44 gag rule that forbade any consideration of abolition in the House. 1/ (Twitter). The background of the rule that silenced Sen. Warren. WOW.
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Posted today on The Indivisble Guide Facebook:

"A note for all of us who feel defeated after Sessions from the Indivisible Team: This is the long game.

Read more... )


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