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There's currently a Special Election being held in Montana, to replace Ryan Zinke, who Trump tapped as Interior Secretary. The polls close on May 25th. The Democratic candidate, Rob Quist, is pretty awesome -- a folk singer who ends his rallies with songs he's written, with a career in public service, a staunch opponent of privatizing public lands, pro single payer health system (and very strongly so -- he went into debt because of a botched surgery that left him ineligible for affordable health insurance), and pro-choice.

The Democratic establishment was initially bent on ignoring him, considering the race a sure loss, while Republicans PACs poured millions to prop up their candidate, the cardboard cut-out plutocrat Gainforte. But Quist continued drawing huge crowds to his rallies, raised much more money via small donors than anyone expected him to, and the establishment and media finally started taking notice.

They're now calling this race a referendum on Trump's presidency and policies. I think they're right to characterize it this way. The GOP nominee Gainforte had previously run for governor in 2016. But at that time, he'd distanced himself from Trump, going so far as to refuse to attend Trump's rally. He lost the race for governor in a state that Trump won by 20 points. Now he's turned into a die-hard Trump booster, believing that no matter what happens, just like before, the majority of voters in his district will continue blindly supporting Trump, and tear down anyone who doesn't.

Strategists believe Gainforte holds a single-digit lead, but there have been no official polls done, and the margin of error going either way is high. A GOP loss could have a large impact on things such as the American Health Care Atrocity, Congress braking the country's slide to autocracy, etc. (It took a special election in 1974 to convince Washington that Nixon had become toxic.)

Anyway, I'm really hoping for a win, both because I think the candidate is amazing, and because of what it would mean.

You can donate to Quist's campaign here.


ETA: A group of 40 Montana writers distributed an insert in local Montana papers endorsing Quist. In their own words -- "In an unprecedented show of unity, more than forty of Montana’s best writers have gathered, in rapid response fashion, to write original essays and testimonials advocating for the protection of our public lands, and endorsing Democratic House of Representatives candidate Rob Quist’s position on this (literally) most common ground of issues."

It’s possible, even useful, to think of these places instrumentally: wild lands make for clean water which makes for good fishing which is good for tourism, etc. There are sound practical reasons to preserve our wilderness. But these are not my reasons. I want to be touched by mystery, to walk in a place that surpasses my idea of it, to not be in charge for once. I want to touch something greater than myself. And this is where it is.
It's a brilliant collection.
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One last AHCA reaction twitter thread, this one from Sydette (@Blackamazon)
Hat tip to [personal profile] owlmoose who has a post on other goings on here.

Even though this was gutting and these folks are Satan's minions in Jesus' clothes...

The Vote was 213 to 217. That was 4 folks. FOUR out of 430. Your advocating matters you're calling matters

These assholes came on in January and swore that they were gonna cakewalk through the year after a 100 day stroll

Even when some of these legislators have been slippery and indecisive ? You have knocked them back EVERY single time

It's only 105 days and Paul Ryan had to BEG on bended knee , and Cheeto already wants to go home

They went from power strutting to banking on four folks . That's facts

Yes this just harm reduction but harm reduction MATTERS . Live matters and fighting for it is LONG TERM

and people on the RIGHT and the LEFT thought folks would burn out by now. Be complacent

and now ? They gotta sell the store to get four.

We don't gotta compromise or strategize SHIT at this point. IT's a BRAWL . There are less of them than there are of us

Love is patient love is kind and in the words of @MoneyLynch ? "Sometimes you just gotta run through a motherfuckers face"

if they wanna sing to our deaths with beer ? They better be prepared for the tune-up EVERY TIME WE BLITZ? ALL NIGHT

Defeat is not the failure . Acceptance is

We don't do this "for the Dems" because i want to drop kick some of them into the Potomac. It's for US.

Take care of you . Breathe . Cry . Fuck. Sleep . Meditate . Blaze . Pray Dance it out . Step in and step out

But don't you dare feel like you didn't do anything or what you're doing doesn't matter. It does

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and we sound our victory cheer.
Tell me, where do we go from here?
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Posted today on The Indivisble Guide Facebook:

"A note for all of us who feel defeated after Sessions from the Indivisible Team: This is the long game.

Read more... )
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Canada's War on Science.

From 2006 to 2015, Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister of Canada. He attacked science there in the same ways that Trump is attacking it here -- data destroyed, funding slashed, gag orders. We must continue to resist.

An inspiring speech from the Doctor: Everything is going to be okay, if we work for that goal.

Also, Racheline Maltese says:

The White House has shut off its line for public comments (202-456-1111). Calls to the switchboard (202-456-1414) are redirected to recordings suggesting we post comments on line or on Facebook. I have tested this myself and yes it's true.

Send them paper. Letters. Postcards. Deluge them. Separate postcard for every issue you've got. Note your state/voting district/zip code if you do not wish to disclose your name. Be polite. Be endless.

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Note: I've heard that postcards are better than letters because they're not subject to anthrax screening. If handwriting is an issue for you, you can buy computer-printable postcards at any office supplies store.
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In addition to the master post of ideas and suggestions, on the encouragement of one of our wonderful mods [personal profile] tassosss, I'm offering up a brainstorming post for batting ideas back and forth--- things we've done that seem to be effective, ideas we have, especially for making activism easier in general... and, because of the fannish spirit of this comm, any ideas for activism/tools/etc. that you've gotten from fiction and other media? Or for that matter any stories/art/music/other creations that inspire and support your activism that you want to share?
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American Friends Service Committee weekly "What We're Reading on Protest and Resistance"--links in the Jan. 6 issue are Jelani Cobb's New Yorker article, "The Return of Civil Disobedience,"Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn "Colleges Across America Are Fighting Back Against Trump's Deportation Threat" (Mother Jones), Sarah Lazare, "Here's How We Prepare to be Ungovernable in 2017," (Alternet), Jack Jenkins, "Democrats Prep Bill to Fight Trump's Muslim Registry Plans," (Think Progress). The author's name for the Essence article on NAACP President Cornell William Brooks' arrest to protest Session' nomination as Attorney General isn't visible in my printout, sorry.

There are more than 40,000 people registered for the NYC march on Jan. 21, and about 300,000 registered for the Washington march.
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I think we'd all agree that 2016 sucked in many, many ways -- but some good things did happen around the world. Here's an article that gathers together 99 of them, across conservation, health, political and economic progress, climate change, violence reduction, sustainability and generosity.

I hope you enjoy reading this and enjoy whatever seasonal holidays you are celebrating!

(PS - for those of you spending time with relatives with, uh, very different views, here's a document with some advice on how to cope.)


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