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Ahoy, crew!

I just wanted to let you know about the Mississippi River Alliance aka the Mississippi River Towns and Cities Initiative (a regional climate change group), if your city in is the Mississippi River Basin Region, they should join the 124 cities currently in the group and doing remarkable climate change activism:


I'm going to start a petition for one of my leaders, Mayor-President Sharon Broome, Baton Rouge to join myself.

Good luck and steady sailing!
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Louisiana's U.S. Senate race will be decided in a runoff on 10 December between Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy and Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.

If Foster Campbell wins the seat, it will make it one less seat the Democrats need to win in the 2018 midterms to gain control of the Senate.

Foster Campbell's campaign team has apparently been swamped with volunteer offers, and is most in need of financial donations right now.

1. You can donate directly to the campaign at http://www.fostercampbell2016.com/

2. You can contact your Democratic representatives in the Senate and Congress (if you have any) and ask them to contribute to Campbell's campaign. They all have their own PAC and can contribute more than an individual. (Suggestion from a commenter at Dailykos.)

ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] tielan for suggesting we post about this over in our Suggestions post. Feel free to leave ideas for topics or current events you think we should cover.


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