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7 ways that police will break the law, threaten you, or lie to you.

Know what is and isn't legal -- and the dirty tricks police use to end-run around the law -- if you are confronted.
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From the ACLU blog: "How to Protect Yourself From Government Surveillance and Criminal Hackers."
The comments suggest bookmarking the page, and reading A. Wiener's article, "Trump Preparedness: Digital Security 101,"
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From [ profile] siderea:
Americans and people living in the USA:

Here is a list of things you can do to prepare for your own safety and well-being in a variety of possible unfortunate futures that look more likely under the Trump administration.

I was thinking of issuing one item per week, to keep people from getting overwhelmed with the scale of it, but I know different people will have different priorities, so here it all is. Seriously, please do not try to do this all in one rush, lest you overwhelm yourself, and become paralyzed unable to do any of it.


So your first task is to take this list and make your own version, ordered in accord with your own priorities and exigencies.

Read the rest of the post and view the list here. There's also lot of really good discussion in the comments.


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