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So, the post women's march meetings are being called 'huddles' and I went to one last night.

(Side note: I'm Australian, but we're facing some of the same issues that the US is, and have been getting into the activist movement in parallel with the US liberals.)

I'm not sure if other people have been to the follow up huddles in their area, or how they feel about on-the-ground organisation, but I found it really helpful and reassuring to meet others who were willing to talk about the same feelings of frustration and anger, as well as how to work towards fixing things. I encourage people to connect with people in their local area if that's within your capability.

Brief: the Sydney Women's March was initially organised by American expats, and they were expecting maybe 800 people to walk. They got an estimated 8-9K. Australians are Not Happy, Jan.

good follow-up )

Anyway, if you have any huddles in your area, I would strongly encourage you to join them, if only to know that you're not alone, and to access the resources of others, while being a resource to others yourself.

Worth noting: there will probably be more women's marches for International Women's Day - at least, there will be in Sydney. Check out your town/city for details of what's happening in your area, if anything.

And know that the US certainly isn't alone in this; other Western democracies are mobilising too, and while your media won't show it (and sometimes ours won't either), it is happening.
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Three campaigns are working to persuade advertisers to pull their ads from "news" websites that promote hate in their stories. Often advertisers don't even know their ads are appearing on the online versions, as they're served by intermediaries, but there are simple ways to prevent their ads being placed on particular sites.

Sleeping Giants/[twitter.com profile] slpng_giants is specifically targeting US advertisers on Breitbart.

Sleeping Giants EU/[twitter.com profile] slpng_giants_eu is targeting European advertisers on Breitbart and is actively looking for help to identify advertisers whose ads are being served in each European country.

Stop Funding Hate/[twitter.com profile] StopFundingHate is a UK-based campaign targeting three newspapers, the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express, which constantly run hate-mongering stories (and have been criticised by a statement from the UN for doing so).

Instructions for how to help are pinned at the top of each twitter stream but are similar:
1. Screencap the ad on each site (or snap a photo of a paper copy) next to some editorial copy
2. Tweet the screenshot at the advertiser, copying in the campaign, and politely ask them if they know their ads are appearing on this site and ask them to stop
3. Update the campaign

There are plenty of "scripts" for how people have worded their tweets on the twitter stream pages of the campaigns.
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Reposted from [personal profile] rydra_wong:
(Based on consultation with a British lawyer and his consultations with an American colleague.)

Basically, anything that's registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit is fine.

501(c)(4) organizations are entitled to do direct political campaigning and lobbying of specific kinds, for which they are not permitted to use funds from people who are not US citizens or naturalized.

It doesn't necessarily rule out the organization accepting foreign donations, but they should have a separate "compliance account" that foreign donations go into so that they're not used for funding work that's "political"(in the strictly-defined sense here).

In practice, a lot of 501(c)(4) organizations are set up with a sibling 501(c)(3) foundation (e.g. the ACLU Foundation) that does stuff which is not directly political, e.g. litigation, public education. So it seems like the best route for foreigners who want to donate in these cases is probably to donate directly to the 501(c)3.

I'd imagine that large organizations like the ACLU must surely have an internal mechanism for funneling foreign donations to the right bit, but right now they're obviously swamped so attempts to clarify via e-mail have been unsuccessful so far.

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