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Two men were stabbed to death and another man severely injured Friday on a light-rail train in Portland, Oregon after intervening when a passenger began “ranting and raving”, shouting anti-Muslim slurs at two young women, police said.

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From tumblr user tikkunolamorgtfo

TLDR: The advice here is to write a snail mail letter in protest.

Okay, everybody. A friend of mine in the publishing industry just shared a post on Facebook about this, and has given me permission to share the information (with her name redacted):

Hi. I’m someone who’s worked in publishing her entire career, and I’m here to explain the Milo Yiannopoulos issue (notorious troll just got a hefty book deal from Simon & Schuster; internet is freaking out) and how to handle it:

BACKGROUND: Let’s get the “free speech” arguments out of the way: Yiannopoulos is an actively dangerous man who leads bullying mobs against selected targets, and spreads hate speech as a life ethos. Even a person as vile as Yiannopoulos has the right to speak his mind, but decent people owe it to the world not to give him additional platforms and the air of legitimacy. That’s doubly the case in this political climate, which insists that all opinions should be valued equally, regardless of whether they’re true or false, and whether they make the world a better or worse place to live in. This is rather like deciding to publish “Mein Kampf” - is that really what you want your legacy to be as an organization?

WHAT NOT TO DO: No “I’m going to boycott Simon & Schuster” talk unless you are a published author and you’re talking about not contracting with them. This is not like buying toilet paper or leather jackets - they sell the work of real, living, struggling authors who really really want you to read what they’ve labored over for years, and it’s unfair to penalize them because their publishing company is being dumb. Print media is a fragile industry these days, and that’s why we’re seeing these big stupid controversial book deals - it’s because we no longer have a world where people walk into their local independent neighborhood bookstore and let the kindly old cashier recommend you a book of poetry with a 500-copy print run that speaks perfectly to your reading sensibilities. You gotta have your crossover blockbusters or the whole enterprise crosses the December finish line in the red. Insisting on a boycott just makes people who haven’t bought a book since college want to run out and pre-order this to spite you. Simon & Schuster knows you “I love books, here’s a shared image macro about how I would literally make gentle love to a piece of printed paper if it were socially acceptable” folks get all your books used from Amazon for $3.99 + shipping, anyway, so they don’t care whether you’re their friend. This is for the business traveler with gross views who needs something entertaining for the plane flight to the Atlanta conference. You gotta convince them not to sell to THAT guy.

WHAT TO DO: Write them letters, hard-copy ones that need a stamp and an envelope. At any major publishing house, the people at the bottom are mostly clever, thoughtful, progressive gals who don’t like this sort of thing any more than you do. They want to be able to go to their bosses’ bosses’ bosses with a massive stack of post and say, “Hey, this is the only reader correspondence we’re getting now,” because that wastes time, and the easiest way to piss off a publishing house is to waste their employees’ time. Wasting time = less time for making books. Remember also that everybody who gets into publishing does it because fundamentally they love to READ, they READ anything that is put in front of them, even the guys at the top who spend more time on the phone and at cocktail parties than working with text believe in words as a magical conduit of ideas, and if you write them a long heartfelt letter, they may scoff at it but they will read it, and if they have 1000 heartfelt letters a day, then sooner or later all those words will sink in.

This is not a plastics manufacturer, this is not a bank. This is a book company. Write to the people who are in the business of reading.


Corporate Headquarters
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
PHONE: 212-698-7000

And individual contacts here, best to address it to someone in particular: http://about.simonandschuster.biz/leadership/

Normally, the best tactic is to write directly to a specific editor or the imprint, but Threshold is conservative, so they may not care. Still, perhaps try:

Threshold Editions
General Phone: 212-698-7006
General Fax: 212-698-2858
Jennifer Robinson
Vice President, Director of Publicity

And make the point that the views of this author are not conservative views, they are fundamentally hateful and aggressive views which seek to undermine the rights of other citizens. He did, after all, help lead the hate mob against Leslie Jones that got her hacked - they should ask themselves whether that’s something with which they want their otherwise respectable work to be associated, especially since the published book may end up becoming associated with additional hate crimes should readers take it too literally. Surely they don’t want their book to start making news for being repeatedly found in the homes of every homegrown militant for the next 10 years.

I’ll also add that Louise Burke is president and publisher of the Gallery imprint, which Threshold falls under, so you could send to her as well.

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The Dream Corps is:
a social justice accelerator [that] back[s] initiatives that close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for all.
Founded by Van Jones, -- activist, author, CNN contributor and a former special advisor to President Obama -- in 2014, the Dream Corps has so far operated three advocacy initiatives:
  • #cut50 works to popularize bipartisan alternatives and practical solutions to help America safely and smartly reduce its jail and prison populations by 50 percent over the next 10 years.
  • #YesWeCode works to help 100,000 young women and men of diverse backgrounds find success in the tech sector.
  • Green For All works to build an inclusive green economy by moving $1 trillion dollars from polluters pockets into low-income communities.

    The Dream Corps is now launching the #LoveArmy:
    In the coming year, we will be coordinating regular actions and bringing people together in large and small gatherings. We will support #MessyTruth conversations. We will host teach-ins and revivals. We'll come together to fight for an inclusive country where everyone counts and everyone matters.
    While they've not released much in the way of specifics, you can sign up for more information and to volunteer.
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    Three campaigns are working to persuade advertisers to pull their ads from "news" websites that promote hate in their stories. Often advertisers don't even know their ads are appearing on the online versions, as they're served by intermediaries, but there are simple ways to prevent their ads being placed on particular sites.

    Sleeping Giants/[twitter.com profile] slpng_giants is specifically targeting US advertisers on Breitbart.

    Sleeping Giants EU/[twitter.com profile] slpng_giants_eu is targeting European advertisers on Breitbart and is actively looking for help to identify advertisers whose ads are being served in each European country.

    Stop Funding Hate/[twitter.com profile] StopFundingHate is a UK-based campaign targeting three newspapers, the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express, which constantly run hate-mongering stories (and have been criticised by a statement from the UN for doing so).

    Instructions for how to help are pinned at the top of each twitter stream but are similar:
    1. Screencap the ad on each site (or snap a photo of a paper copy) next to some editorial copy
    2. Tweet the screenshot at the advertiser, copying in the campaign, and politely ask them if they know their ads are appearing on this site and ask them to stop
    3. Update the campaign

    There are plenty of "scripts" for how people have worded their tweets on the twitter stream pages of the campaigns.


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