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Attorney General Jeff Sessions, on behalf of the entire Trump Administration, just announced that he will end DACA by March 5th, 2018, essentially giving Congress six months to take action on DACA and pass legislation. This decision will affect nearly 1 million young immigrants.

Now is the time to show that we are not backing down and that we will protect immigrants from Trump's racist attacks. Here’s two things you can do now:

1. Join us in the streets: Visit weareheretostay.org to find the nearest action to you.

2. Sign up to join our Community Call tonight at 9pm ET. TEXT the word DACACall to 877- 877 right now to RSVP. Once it’s time for the community call, we’ll call your phone and connect you into the national community call. It’s free to participate and we’ll have experts answer your questions live.

For many of us, DACA has been a roller coaster ride. We fought hard for a less than perfect program and finally won DACA. For many of us, it changed our lives. We were able to study, to work -- and to live without fear. But since Trump took office, uncertainty over whether or not the program would continue loomed over us. But while Trump’s white supremacist agenda won today, they will not win in the end. Immigrant youth are more than the papers Trump is ripping away, they have a mighty spirit and they are #HeretoStay.

Undocumented immigrants need all of our support right now. We vow to continue fighting and mobilizing for justice so that all immigrants and people of color can live with dignity.

The fight is just beginning,

Greisa and the rest of the team at United We Dream


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