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To many white Trump voters, the problem wasn’t her economic stance, but the larger vision — a multi-ethnic social democracy — that it was a part of.

"Among the 52 percent of voters who said economics was the most important issue in the election, Clinton beat Trump by double digits. In the vast majority of swing states, voters said they preferred Clinton on the economy. If the 2016 election had come down to economics exclusively, the working class — which, by any reasonable definition, includes the black, Hispanic, and Asian working classes, too — would have elected Hillary Clinton president.

"The more frightening possibility for liberals is that Clinton didn’t lose because the white working class failed to hear her message, but precisely because they did hear it.

"Trump’s white voters do support the mommy state, but only so long as it’s mothering them."

The lesson here is that Clinton's economic message was on the right track, and Dems should continue to pursue it. But if they want to win, it's critical that they fight like hell against the systematic, racially-targeted voter suppression laws that Republican leaders have enacted in every state they control.

The future of the Democratic party lies in fighting systemic racism at every level. In less than 50 year, the majority of the American populace will be non-white. This is precisely why Republicans are trying to stoke the flames of racism and suppress the voting rights of the soon-to-be majority. Right now, it's working. It needs to end.
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