May. 5th, 2017

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The Senate has already bounced this POS bill. They're not even going to bring it up for a vote; instead, they're working on their own version.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep pounding on the House members who voted for it (and, obscenely, celebrated it). Make their lives hell. Taunt them with reports of the money you've donated to their opponents, or to groups that support their opponents. With any luck, we'll see a flood of them deciding that they "need more time with their families" in early 2018.
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I just called my State Senator's local office (Cochran, R-MS) and the very nice lady there told me that they're trying a new system where they take your name, address, optional on phone and email and they take very close care to write down your exact opinion, not just a yes/no. (Mine was that I have eight of the pre-existing conditions that will be removed if the AHCA gets passed by the Senate, please vote against this, Mr Cochran.)

Be aware if that's a thing your reps are doing.


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