Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Ready to Resist Call 5 pm PT, 6 MT, 7 CT, 8 pm ET

Speakers are Heather McGee (president of DEMOS) talking about the Gorsuch nomination and Tax Day protests; Senator Chuck Schumer, Luz Sosa (Citizen Action of Wisconsin) and Anthony Newby (Neighborhoods Organizing for Change) talking about actions to take during the Resistance Recess in mid-April when Congress is in recess.

RSVP here: https://act.moveon.org/survey/readytoresist8?source=kos&link_id=1&can_id=8a862b6f2873206cd5111e31602e9c90&email_referrer=calling-the-resistance-moveon-strategy-call-sunday-april-2nd&email_subject=calling-the-resistance-moveon-strategy-call-sunday-april-2nd

Recordings and slides of past calls: https://act.moveon.org/survey/readytoresist/

There'll be another call next Sunday, but not on Easter (Apr. 16)
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See www.resistanceschool.com. Four sessions on organizing:
4/5 How to communicate values
4/12 How to mobilize and organize our communities
4/20 (not 19) How to structure and build capacity for action
4/27 how to sustain efforts for the long run

Livestreamed at 7 pm Eastern time, archives available shortly thereafter if that's too early in your time zone.
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I'm loving the heck out of this. It reminds you that it's time to resist again every few days, and if you've been keeping track you'll already have an idea of what you want to say this time.

Also, one of the things I was less than satisfied about -- the inability to select House, Senate, or Both -- is apparently fixed as an add-on after you've used it a few times. That's really going to help with the flexibility of what I can text about.

If texting is something you're comfortable with, I can't recommend this utility highly enough.
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Sorry this is late going up again. I'm D-14 from major life event so I'm a little out of it. If I don't respond to comments, that's why, not that I'm not reading them.


Reminder that we have a suggestion post if there’s a topic that you’d like to see discussed but would like to ask the mods to look into. This can be anything from general information, or a how-to-do-a-thing, or something you may want to discuss as a community. Folks are welcome to post directly to the comm as always, but if you’re not comfortable/don’t have spoons, we can help too.

Get Involved
April 5: Resistance School online training in four session. Weds, April 5 is the first.
Tonight: Ready to Resist Call (might already be done but should have the recording soon): Gorsuch and Tax Day protests
Sign up for Amnesty International action alerts
Indivisible goes to the States
Democracy in Color organizing to mobilize voters now in key states

Supreme Court Confirmation Vote

Info on Gorsuch filibuster (one to call your congress people about)

Anti-Nazi Buttons

Use Resistbot to use texting to fax your reps. It's extremely easy. More discussion of more selective options here.
Facebook Town Halls

Upcoming Protests
April 1: March for Health
April 15: Tax Day March
April 22: March for Science
June 11: LGBT+ March

News to know
Linkspam: Healthcare analysis, government spending, immigration, tax reform, lgbtq+ civil rights, The Resistence's money

Online Privacy or Lack Therof is now law

Trump, Russia, and Oil (locked to comm)
Michael Flynn wants immunity in exchange for tetimony (Vox)
The most powerful members of the Trump administration disagree with him about Russia (Vox)

(See linkspam above)

Immigration/Muslim Ban
Update: DACA Recipient Daniel Medina Ramirez released from detention
Culver City votes to be a sanctuary city, written by a fen who was there
Trump just lost his best chance to avoid a Supreme Court battle over his travel ban (hold on the EO extended) (Vox)

How is everyone doing out there? Let me know if you want me to add categories to the check-in poll.
Poll #18135 This week
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9


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called my one senator
2 (25.0%)

called my other senator
2 (25.0%)

called my representative
4 (50.0%)

called my governor
1 (12.5%)

called my state reps
1 (12.5%)

sent a letter/postcard/email/fax
3 (37.5%)

donated money to a cause
4 (50.0%)

went to an in person activist group
2 (25.0%)

participated in an online training or call
1 (12.5%)

went to a protest
0 (0.0%)


View Answers

signed up for alerts
1 (14.3%)

took care of myself
3 (42.9%)

not a US citizen but worked in solidarity in my own community
2 (28.6%)

did something else
5 (71.4%)

committed to action in the coming week
2 (28.6%)

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from [personal profile] kyrielle

Well, unless President Trump refuses to sign the bill, the regulation keeping our ISPs from selling our browsing history is going down.

Minnesota is moving to handle it on a local scale; maybe those of us in other states should be reaching out to our state government to add similar local legislation?


ETA: [personal profile] alexseanchai  has a good script in the comments


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