Mar. 26th, 2017

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It's been too long since I made a roundup, and I have MANY ARTICLES to link. Here's the first half, which is all healthcare-related. This is pretty much all news/analysis.

* Is Trumpcare already here? (Politico)

* Something new for the Minnesota Legislature: a caucus of first Minnesotans (MinnPost)

* Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win (WaPo)

* Sanders, Democrats rally thousands across the country to save Obamacare (Chicago Trib, Jan 2016)

* Will Obamacare Really Explode? (Politico). Interview with Kaiser Family Foundation health care expert Larry Leavitt.

* Inside the GOP’s Health Care Debacle: Eighteen days that shook the Republican Party—and humbled a president (Politic). Nice summary of events and what went wrong.

* The Republican Waterloo (Atlantic). AHCA post-mortem by conservative David Frum, who's watched his moderate views be completely eclipsed in recent years by the far right. Very interesting perspective from the other side.

* HHS Inspector General Confirms Investigation of Trump Administration Suspension of Affordable Care Act Outreach Efforts (press release from Sen. Warren). I'm not sure what this might amount to, if anything, but it seems hopeful?

* How Republicans quietly sabotaged Obamacare long before Trump came into office (Salon)

* The GOP’s top priority is in trouble (WaPo). Explanation of some of the difficulties in making the tax cuts GOP wants and how the AHCA was supposed to smooth the way for some of them.

* President Trump's healthcare plate is full, and it won't go down easy (Modern Healthcare). Laundry list of health-related issues Trump + Congress will be dealing with this year, not just ACA.

* GOP senator acknowledges Americans’ ‘right’ to health care (MSNBC)
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Sorry this is going up practically tomorrow. Today got busy.


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Republican's healthcare plan went down, what's next?
Resist Days March 31-April 2 - resist everything topic with the goal of 1000 events around the world

Get Involved
Strategy live chat to protest the Keystone Pipeline

Use Resistbot to use texting to fax your reps. It's extremely easy.

Upcoming Protests
April 1: March for Health
April 15: Tax Day March
April 22: March for Science

News to know
(this section is light this week because I'm getting it up late.)

Trump campaign has been under investigation since July
Chair of House Intelligence Committee's latest stunt could backfire

Linkspam: It was a busy week in healthcare

How is everyone doing out there? Let me know if you want me to add categories to the check-in poll.

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