Mar. 12th, 2017

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Following on from last week's update:

Daniela Vargas, detained after speaking out about her deportation fears at a meeting last week, was released on Friday under an order of supervision.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ramirez Medina, the DACA recipient detained during a raid to arrest his father and accused of gang affiliation, remains in custody. The federal judge handling the case delayed issuing a ruling at a hearing last Wednesday because he said the Justice Department improperly made a new argument in a brief filed Tuesday, leaving Ramirez's attorneys little chance to respond. A ruling is expected early next week.

Meanwhile, at least five states are challenging the Minority President's new Travel Ban signed on Monday: Maryland is joining a challenge by Washington that's also backed by Oregon and Minnesota, while Hawaii has filed a separate challenge. Meanwhile, the new travel ban has faced its first successful challenge when a federal judge in Wisconsin blocked its application against a Syrian family.
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Huge thank you and shout out to [personal profile] redbird  who will be helping with tagging.

Reminder that we have a suggestion post if there’s a topic that you’d like to see discussed but would like to ask the mods to look into. This can be anything from general information, or a how-to-do-a-thing, or something you may want to discuss as a community. Folks are welcome to post directly to the comm as always, but if you’re not comfortable/don’t have spoons, we can help too.

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Did anyone participate in the ACLU's training on Saturday? Let us know how it went
Call Congress about the Republican Healthcare plan

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April 1: March for Health
April 15: Tax Day March
April 22: March for Science

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Confirmation Hearings
Secretaryof Labor: Alex Acosta

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Update on Dreamers and the Muslim Ban

Link Roundup: on the Republicans Healthcare bill
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Link Roundup: Republicans vote to get rid of fair pay and safe workplace rules, tax hikes in Kansas, vulnerable democrats, science on opioids, detransitioning trans people in Wisconsin
Link Roundup: flippable state governments, healthcare, in memory of Sandra Bland, restrictive voting laws, anti-Trump resistance, ACLU grassroots
Trump Trackers - following up on regulatory and administration changes

How is everyone doing out there?

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called my one senator
7 (53.8%)

called my other senator
5 (38.5%)

called my representative
3 (23.1%)

called my state representatives
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called my governor
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sent a letter/email/postcard
7 (53.8%)

donated money to a cause
7 (53.8%)

went to an in person activist group
5 (38.5%)

participated in an online training/call
3 (23.1%)

went to a protest
4 (30.8%)


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signed up for daily action alerts
3 (27.3%)

took care or myself
6 (54.5%)

committed to action in the coming week
5 (45.5%)

not a US citizen but worked in solidarity in my own community
1 (9.1%)

did something else
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