Feb. 12th, 2017

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In a week that has (finally!) seen some significant "wins", I urge everyone to take a few minutes (re-)read [personal profile] teaotter's post with Comforting words after the Cabinet confirmation battles (reposting text from the Indivisible Guide Facebook), along with the links provided by [personal profile] rydra_wong in the comments. Because, as the Indivisible team says: "You have already made history. "

Muslim Ban

As I'm sure everyone knows, the appeal court confirmed the temporary restraining order on certain parts of the Executive Order. That means the worst of the measures have been rolled back while the case to decide on the legality of the Executive Order itself is considered. For ongoing actions, you can check for protest marches and rallies, or look for information in our Muslim Ban tag for organisations that need donations or other kinds of support.

Confirmation Hearings

It's no surprise that all of Trump's nominations, including DeVos and Sessions, have been approved by a Republican-dominate Senate, though more slowly than in any previous administration -- but the Democrats have found their spines again, some Republicans have crossed the floor and voted against the nominations, and we have a new rallying cry: "Nevertheless, she persisted". So let's go on persisting!

More Confirmation Hearings by Senate Committees are scheduled for the coming week, so we'll be posting about those over the next few days.

What else?

Get involved

Get training for Town Hall Participation
Join a local protest or find the nearest protest on an issue you care about (Check the comments for a second link, originally posted by [personal profile] snickfic)
Go to your local Huddle (Post-Women's March meetings - go here to find your nearest one)
Help elect scientists, pro-choice women and women in general, and progressive young people into public office.
Defend PPACA
Write a Letter (with the help of an "Organising for Action" tool)
Petition the Army Corps of Engineers to do a full environmental impact for DAPL (The developers have started work again on the pipeline after the "So-Called President" signed an EO ignoring ongoing legal issues and granting permission to do so.)
Help with winning upcoming elections in 2017
Donate to support educators
Work to reduce Voter Suppression

Get educated

Two sites providing daily roundups of the news
Sign up for text alerts from NARAL
Read an article in The Atlantic on how to re-frame your arguments to persuade Conservatives

Have something to share?

Leak information (safely) to news agencies

Don't forget to check our What's Next? Resources Roundup (and the comments) for more links, as well as [personal profile] snickfic's terrific link roundup posts. Remember that you can use the comments to add more links.

Housekeeping Note

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