Feb. 1st, 2017

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Lots of great information and resources (including call scripts) in the latest issue of ReAct:

Free subscription, so I'd say it, the Daily Kos, and Politicususa.com, are must-subscribes (with the caveat that no information source is perfect or complete). Lawyers or policy wonks whose idea of a good time is reading federal regulations should also get a free subscription to Lexology.com; you can customize your daily news feed.

Re:Act reminds us of these tools:

Town Hall Project of 2018 (google it, the URL is a monstrosity): database of all Town Hall events announced by Congressmembers. Remember, during the Feb. 20-24 recess, legislators are likely to return to their home districts.

MatchingDonations.us for making your money go further--sort of like looking online to see if there's a discount code for something you want to buy.

Countable.us "daily updates on your lawmakers and key developments on the issues you care about."
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I didn't save the link, but I think it was the Daily Kos where I read about a Republican legislator who says he can't go anywhere without women "getting all up in my grill" about his voting performance. A la AA--the program works if you work it! Keep coming back!

I'm not sure if it's been pointed out here, but there is a very strong likelihood that your Senators and your Representative e-mail newsletters to constituents, and that they have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. If you sign up, you'll get an almost-real-time, albeit one-sided, account of exactly what your elected officials are up to. And of course you can Like their posts or reply with "I am a constituent and I think you should vote for/not vote for [bill] for [reasons]. It can also be useful to keep track--"On March 4, you said you supported [bill], why didn't you vote for it?" etc.


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