Jan. 26th, 2017

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Several people have asked me how they can help DC protect itself from the ravages of the current congress and administration. I have an idea.

DCist has an article about the current abortion law before congress. There's also a link to a "death with dignity" law with which congress is trying to interfere and, though there's no link, mention of a gun law which the House, especially, has already tried to overturn. They've already interfered with our decriminalization of marijuana laws, leaving us in the awkward position of not being able to regulate a trade which, through taxation, would help us immensely.

Call your congress people and Senators. I don't care if you agree with DC's law. I disagree with the "death with dignity" law and the only reason I don't disagree on abortion is that someone who doesn't have bodily autonomy isn't a full citizen in the eyes of the law. I see anything forbidding the right to choose as a slippery slope to women no longer being seen as full citizens. After all, it's been less than a hundred years since we were seen as full citizens. The point is actually more powerful if you disagree.

The point is that we have Home Rule. The point is that congress is not allowed to interfere with Boston, Denver, Oklahoma City, Detroit, Memphis, Nashville, Seattle, El Paso, or Portland, OR all of which are cities within 50,000 of our population. If the US Congress passed a law that said only the citizens of Seattle had to turn in their personal guns, everyone would rightly be up in arms (no pun intended). If they passed a law that said only the citizens of El Paso were required to have a gun on them at all times, the NRA might be happy, but the rest of us would be up in arms.

The more conservative the state you live in, the more powerful the statement. It's primarily, though not exclusively, Republicans and conservatives who are putting their fingers in our pies. Many of them are the same Republicans who shout from the mountaintop that the Federal government shouldn't interfere in local laws -- like those "religious freedom" laws and "bathroom bills."

Call. Please call. Call often. Adapt one of the sample scripts from thesixtyfive.org. More than anything else, make certain that you say your are their constituent and that you support the District of Columbia's right to autonomy in local matters. It can also be phrased as support for the District's right to Home Rule. While you're at The Sixty-five, pick another call to make. This isn't going to be a short haul on any issue. If you call your congress critter on another issue, throw in a "and don't interfere in the District of Columbia's local laws" at the end of it.

Thank you. Spread this message any way you can.

Link to prior posts on the District of Columbia:
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Check the comments for more links!

Activism / resources
* CA ppl: @SenFeinstein may vote "yes" on Sessions. A staffer said they'd only received 5,000 calls (compared 2 30,000 to impeach B. Clinton) (Twitter). !!!!!!! Link includes phone numbers for all her offices. California folks, YOUR TIME IS NOW.

* 5 Calls - an easy-to-use website that provides numbers for your reps and scripts for you to call on a variety of issues

* Keep Delaware Blue [$$] (flippable). Call for donations to save the Delaware trifecta via a hotly contested state senate seat. Election is FEBRUARY 25.

*Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience - what appears to be a week-by-week activism to-do list, if you're still casting about for that sort of thing

* It’s happening: Major LGBT march on Washington set for D.C. Pride weekend (Queerty)

* Save Pages to the Wayback as you surf in Chrome with the new release of our extension: (Twitter - Internet Archive)

Good news
* Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth rankings (Salon)

* Government Employees Get to Have Opinions, Too (ACLU).

* Democrats launch scorched-earth strategy against Trump (Politico). I can't say this article really describes my impression of what's gone on so far, but it sounds positive, at any rate.

* Nebraska State Senator Resigns After Offensive Women’s March Tweet (The Cut). And nothing of value was lost. Read the last paragraph for the real kicker.

* Why the Election of 9 Black Female Judges in Alabama Matters (The Cut). This is actually just a series of brief interviews and doesn't say ANYTHING about WHY this is good news, but it is in fact good news! So.

* After they marched, 500 women learned how to run – for office (McClatchy DC)

* She wanted to make a difference. Now this millennial is the mayor of her new town. (WaPo)

* What happens when ppl find out that an amendment [in MN] would allow these services excluded? The phones lit up & it got pulled an hour ago. (Twitter)

Bad news
* Trump Just Ordered Cops To Become Immigration Officers (Buzzfeed)

* Official: Border Patrol chief tells agents he was forced out (AP)

* The State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned (WaPo)

* Bill would end Virginia’s ‘winner take all’ electoral vote system (WTKR). Soooo, VA GOP pretty pissed Hillary won that state, eh?

* As the Republican-led state legislature [in TX] has slashed funding to reproductive healthcare clinics, the maternal mortality rate doubled over just a two-year period (Guardian)

* These states are opening the door to bathroom wars (WaPo). Their GOP lawmakers don't all sound super excited about it, though.

* Harper's Weekly Review for 2017, week 2 (Harper's). All the surreality in one convenient place. Holy mackerel.

* 5 challenges Trump may face building a border wall (WaPo)

* I'm hearing a lot these days about facts, falsehoods, and alternative facts. Guys, it's time for some speech act theory. (Twitter)

* Frustrated Republicans press McConnell to kill the filibuster (Politico). tl;dr It sounds unlikely the senate GOP is going to get rid of the filibuster.


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