Jan. 25th, 2017

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I just finished listening to Families USA's Webinar about PPACA repeal. Great job! It will probably be archived online in a couple of days if you want to listen, although you might need a Policy Wonk- to-English translation. They also covered Medicaid issues. Medicaid is a major target for the Republicans. It's not just a program for poor people, though--Medicaid pays for about 70% of nursing home care. I'm sure Trump voters will appreciate having their mothers-in-law delivered to them when the nursing home shuts down.

They're actually kind of hopeful, because the Republicans are further away than ever from having a plan, and more and more people are telling them that they don't want repeal without a meaningful replacement. Congress is recessing on Feb. 20. Congressional Republicans are having a policy retreat to come up with ANYTHING. A "strategic retreat" has been defined as a "rout," and a "phased retreat" as a "rout with insufficient transport," so I'm hoping for the latter.

Anyway, for the non-wonks among you, Families USA wants to hear your PPACA and advocacy stories: post to contact@familiesusa.org. And check out their site--they have social media advocacy tools that can be applied to other issues.

My take on this fucking awful mess is that PPACA repeal and especially Medicaid cuts will harm two groups that won't take it lying down: insurance companies and governors. PPACA has been a gravy train for insurers, and although they complain about not being allowed to raid your entire bank account and give nothing in return, they're still making out like the bandits they are.

One crucial difference between Medicare and Medicaid is that Medicare is 100% federally funded (and uniform nationwide) whereas Medicaid varies from state to state (and sometimes by county within a state)--and, crucially, states pick up a part of the cost. The poorer the state, the higher the federal share and the lower the state share. But federal Medicaid funding will probably be "block granted"--i.e., states will just get a fixed amount, and will have to pay the difference between actual costs and the block grant. Imagine that you are a governor, and how much fun you will have looking behind the couch cushions for change!
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Found elseNet:

Federal employees: If you've gotten directives from the Trump administration but have been told not to discuss them, there are ways for you to share information with reporters anonymously. Here are some sites that may be useful:

- Associated Press: https://securedrop.ap.org/
- Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/securedrop/
- NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/newsgraphics/2016/news-tips/
- Buzzfeed: https://contact.buzzfeed.com/
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Activism / resources
* How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind (Medium). If you only read one thing on this list, READ THIS.

Sanctuary cities
* Walsh rails against Trump, calls immigration actions ‘direct attack’ (Boston Globe)

* What does Trump’s action on sanctuary cities mean for Seattle? Here’s what we know (Seattle Times)

Good news
* USDA scrambles to ease concerns after researchers were ordered to stop publishing news releases (Washington Post). This... does not bring me a lot of clarity, tbh.

* Are scientists going to march on Washington? (Washington Post). More context on that link from yesterday.

* 20 million Muslims march against ISIS (msn, November 2016). Speaking of large marches...

* Dutch government wants to counter Trump with abortion funds (AP)

* Growing protest in NYC's Washington Square Park against President Trump's immigration policies and border wall (Photos) (Twitter)

* Gambia: New President Names Female VP Who Vowed to Prosecute Jammeh (All Africa)

Bad news
* The House just passed a sweeping abortion funding ban. Here’s what it does. (Vox). This is long and informative.

* List of Federal Government Agencies Told Not to Communicate with the Public (Sunlight Foundation)

* Trump announces ‘major’ voter fraud investigation (Seattle Times)

* President Trump Wants to Kill These 17 Federal Agencies and Programs. Here's What They Actually Cost (and Do) (Time)

* Read Draft Text Of Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Muslim Entry To The U.S. (EXCLUSIVE) (Huffington Post)


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