Jan. 24th, 2017

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We've posted plenty of regular sources for actions already, but I really liked what I saw when I checked this one out:


It's a weekly email letter with a round-up of actions, backed up with a lot of research and background information. There's an archive of past letters, with lots of issues that are still live, if people are looking for actions related to particular interests.
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The U.S. Senate has now confirmed several nominations - and there have been some frankly disappointing votes from Democrats. (Tim Kaine voting for Mike Pompeo as Director of the CIA? Shame on you, Senator Kaine!)

If you have the resources to make yet more phone calls (yes, I know - so many to make!) about nominations, you can check how your senators voted at the Recent Senate Roll Call Votes page, and call them to thank them or express your disapproval. The "Vote (Tally)" links take you to the pages detailing how the senators voted (sorted in various ways) and the "Issue" links take you to the detail of each resolution.

You can quickly see what the Senate has been up to and which nominations have been confirmed by going to the "Highlights" section of the Daily Digest for the Congressional Record. (The link goes to the most recent issue. You can see links for all the issues on the browse by date page.)
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How Whitefish, MT defeated a Nazi hate march.

Lots of ideas to chew over. Also reminded me irresistibly of this song:

It's been done before. We can do it again -- as many times as it takes.
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A note and an invitation: I just link stuff I find, an idiosyncratic selection at best, but feel free to drop their own links in the comments here. And other folks, check the comments for more linkage!

Activism / resources
* Swing Left is Not to Be Trusted as a Progressive Resource (Daily Kos). I previously mentioned this site in my links roundup. They're not necessarily malicious, just not well-vetted.

* Scientists' March on Washington - a march specifically for scientists, apparently

Good News
* Massachusetts Top Court Orders Prosecutors to Remedy Thousands of Tainted Drug Convictions (Pro Publica)

* US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours (AP)

* Virginia's House is the most important legislature up this year, and Clinton won a majority of seats (Daily Kos)

Bad News
* Women's March Organizer Linda Sarsour Is Under Attack on Social Media (Elle)

* What Does Trump's 'Day of Patriotic Devotion' Really Mean? (Atlantic)

* South Dakota GOP Rushes To Repeal Ethics Reforms Passed By Voters (Huffington Post)

* Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Tom Price Wouldn't Commit To Protecting Cheap Birth Control (Teen Vogue)


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