Jan. 8th, 2017

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Congress is back in session and they're getting busy!

This past week the GOP:

Gutted then recinded their gutting of the Office of Congressional Ethics
Started the repeal process for the Obamacare
Started the process of gutting Planned Parenthood. Again.
Revived obscure laws for screwing the civil service

We had seven people report back that they called senators and/or representatives this week which is terrific! I know it's hard, so thank you very much. We have Galaxy Quest badges! And I'm taking suggestions for what fandom to use for the next round of badges.

In addition to responding to these this past week we here at the comm have
Reading list from the American Friends Service Community - info on civil disobedience and resistance by others
Info to share with friends and family baout how the Obamacare repeal will impact families
Brainstorming ideas for how to organize info and strategy for us here on the comm. Definitely a discussion worth having.

This coming week we're going into confirmation hearings which will mean lots of calls to action to call senators again. [personal profile] tanaqui and I (mostly tanaqui) will be posting info about each and the committees in charge, and scripts for each of the appointees. If anyone wants to help with this process, you can PM either of us. Also feel free to add info in the comments as the posts go up
Up this week:
Oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
Secretary of Homeland Security - General John Kelly

Stay tuned for more.

All right. This is a lot to cope with, and I know that calling can take a lot of spoons. My suggestion is to come up with a strategy so that you aren't overwhelmed. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can pick a topic to focus on, or only pick the ones where your senators and representatives have positions on committees, or only calling on Thursday on whatever topic shows up on the comm, or some other way you come up with that works for you. This work is long term so figure out how to pace yourself.

What methods are people using? Are you a daily caller or a weekly caller? Do you need help making that first call? If calls are out of the question, can you email or write a letter? We can make land team type support groups if people think that would help.

Let us know how you're doing and take care of yourselves.

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This week I

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Registration for free webinar, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2-3pm (EST) about effects of PPACA repeal, especially for behavioral health, and strategies for defending health care.
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Saw this on tumblr by sandlewoodandsunlight

“Never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it.” - Hillary Clinton

JANUARY Important Dates:

2017 - 2018 Elections:

Several States, Districts, Municipalities and Counties are having elections this year, from governorship down to the school boards, especially Virgina, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Find out if there’s an upcoming election you can vote in:

Contact Reps/Agencies on Urgent Issues:

Volunteer/ Donate:

Websites to bookmark:



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