Jan. 5th, 2017

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The GOP congress is trying to de-fund Planned Parenthood as part of the package for repealing Obamacare. Planned Parenthood provides medical care for 2.6 million people, and shouldn't be defunded without a fight.

Although the Republicans have enough seats in the senate to pass the ACA repeal with no Democratic help, some Republican senators have indicated that they might be willing to fight to keep Planned Parenthood funding separate from that bill.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has said that she's "not happy" to hear that Planned Parenthood's funding is being attached to the ACA repeal bill. In 2015, she worked with Sen. Lisa Murkowsi of Alaska and former-Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois to strip a similar provision from the repeal bill passed that year.

One Republican Congressman -- Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania -- is apparently also on the fence about tying Planned Parenthood's funding to the ACA repeal bill.


Call your representatives! Especially if one of the people named above represents you -- but calling your rep can help regardless, especially if they're a Republican. Let them know you're out here and willing to kick up a fuss. You can also call your governor; governors can help put pressure on their senators and other members of their party.

Sample script: "Hi, my name is ________, and I'm a constituent of the Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman/Governor. I want to urge Mr./Ms. (name of rep) to save federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Don't allow Planned Parenthood to be defunded as part of the ACA repeal! Planned Parenthood's medical services are too important to me and millions of other Americans."

(If you don't already have your reps contact info, this post has links for finding them.)


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