Jan. 4th, 2017

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In today's news, the GOP has begun the process to repeal Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act.

Vox has details here: Senate Republicans just introduced Obamacare repeal Democrats can't stop
and more about the process they are using here: The Senate’s complicated plan to repeal Obamacare, explained by an expert on Congress
(I like and trust Vox's political coverage. If you have other links that are relevant, even those with different takes or views, please feel free to share them in comments. I will try for multi-sourcing.)

This is where YOU come in. This is what this community is about. We have 105 subscribers. I'm challenging all of you who are American citizens (and not DC residents, sorry folks) to call your Senators in the next two days to voice your opinion. Come back here and tell us you did it! How inspiring would it be to see comments from people who took action!

Remember how yesterday's action was to program your representatives phone numbers into your phone? This is where it pays off. If you've done it, you get to skip the "oh my god, I have to find their phone number!" step!

A step by step guide.
0. If you haven't programmed your reps numbers into your phones, do it now. We'll wait. You'll earn this shiny badge.

1. Make a ten minute appointment with yourself to get this done! Put it on your calendar. Right now. No seriously, pull up whatever calendar you use and do it. Lunch break, before work, after work.

2. Set a calendar or alarm reminder for that appointment so you don't forget. I totally understand the impulse to let it be something that you do "tomorrow," but resist. Keep that appointment.

3. Here's your script from the "We're His Problem Now" google doc I would suggest copying the script into a word processor and filling in all the blanks before using it.

(If you use a subsidized plan) I’m ---- -----, a constituent calling to let <Senator/Representative ____> that I depend on <an ACA health plan, Medicare, Medicaid> for my health insurance coverage. I want the <Senator/Rep> to protect <ACA/Medicare/Medicaid> from cuts or changes that would result in a loss of coverage for me and millions of other Americans. Please ask <him/her> to fight for my right to health care!

(If you don’t use a subsidized plan)
I’m ---- ---- a constituent calling to let <Senator/Representative ____> know that I want <him/her> to stand up for the subsidized health care plans that cover millions of Americans. Please ask <him/her> not to support cuts to Medicaid or Medicare or changes to the ACA that would result in a loss of coverage. Affordable health care is a priority issue for me and I will be paying close attention to how <Senator/Representative ____> votes.

4. Call your Senators! Republican or Democrat, both sides need to hear from us. Don't think about it too hard, don't give yourself time to walk away, don't work yourself up about it. You've got this. You really do.

5. Come back here and tell us you did it! You'll earn an awesome badge. If you call both Senators you get two!

6. Earn extra credit! Call your House Representative too!

7. Come back here and comment about how it went! I would love to see at least ten comments! My plan is to call before work tomorrow morning.

8. Bask in the glow of making your voice heard. Remember, the GOP is counting on the "silent majority" to stay silent. Don't.


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