Jan. 1st, 2017

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Well, we got out of 2016. Happy New Year! Let us go into 2017 with clear eyes and clear hearts. One of my most important resolutions for this coming year is not to lose my resolve. We have 20 days till the inauguration, and then four years of the new regime.

For everyone following, know that you aren't alone. We're in this together. If you feel overwhelmed or need help, we're here and my hope is that this community can be part of your support network.

My challenge to you is to take action once a month this year. Whatever you can do, pick the one action or the one issue and start there. Find a friend in real life to be a buddy that you can get together with to do the phone calls, write the letters, visit your congressperson's office or townhall. If you can do more and set your challenge goal a little higher, we're here to cheer you on.

Let us know how you're doing. Since we're coming out of the holidays, I'll resume polling next week.

Posts for this week:
Send a letter to Simon & Schuster to protest their book deal for white supremicist Milo Yiannoploulos
Info and online contact info and snail mail info here

Fandom Trumps Hate auction to benefit charities. Organized on tumblr.

Petition to rescind medals for Wounded Knee Massacre

Join the Movement matching for NYC, Philly and Bay Area activist groups. This is severely geographically limited, so please share stories about any groups you've found to work with. I'll see about pulling together something about finding groups to volunteer with.

DonateBigly.org another way to donate to non-profits

And for a little inspiration:

Angel: Well, I guess I kinda worked it out. If there's no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters... , then all that matters is what we do. 'Cause that's all there is. What we do. Now. Today. I fought for so long, for redemption, for a reward, and finally just to beat the other guy, but I never got it.

Kate Lockley: And now you do?

Angel: Not all of it. All I wanna do is help. I wanna help because, I don't think people should suffer as they do. Because, if there's no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world.

Kate Lockley: Yikes. It sounds like you've had an epiphany.

Angel: I keep saying that, but nobody's listening.

-Angel, 2x16 Epiphany


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