Nov. 15th, 2016

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I have made a bunch of link posts at my journal which I will bring over here, but let's begin with yesterday's post, which is something simple you can do right now that might make a difference: sign petitions!

1. Electoral College: Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19 (

2. Pledge to Fight for Justice: Take the pledge: Fight On for Justice (sponsored by Kamala Harris)

3. Stephen Bannon: STEPHEN BANNON HAS NO BUSINESS IN THE WHITE HOUSE (Southern Poverty Law Center)

4. Myron Ebell: Do Not Allow Myron Ebell to Lead the EPA Transition (

Also, Boston Peeps who can make a phone call/write a letter, here is something you can do right now: a Boston city councilor who yesterday expressed his desire to make Boston a “sanctuary city” for immigrants, i.e. defy Trump & co. by barring local law enforcement from initiating or participating in deportation actions. (His name is in the post and you should read that post for more information.)
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Amazon Smile Program FAQ

Here's a very easy way to start donating to a cause.

Time to set up: 2 minutes
Distance from computer: 0

1. If you already have an account go to:
2. It should give you a pop-up that asks if you want to pick a charity. Click yes, and you'll go to their sign up page. They'll have some popular ones autofilled, but you can search for others, including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Do note that these two, and probably others, are organized by local chapter, and it may be a little overwhelming to pick one office from pages and pages of choices. I recommened donating to one in your city or state - supporting your community at home - or picking one in a state known to have issues that your charity is trying to make better. Ex. I picked a Planned Parenthood to support in Texas. Remember, you can always change your choice later.

3. Last step - Very Important! - change your bookmark to -- Amazon only donates if you are on the site. Your account looks and functions exactly the same, and prices on your purchases do not go up. Only certain item are eligible, and starting out it seems like it's not a huge a donation, but every little bit helps.

Need a little extra boost to get this done? Report back here that you did it!

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Please use this post to leave any links you'd like us to include in future link round-ups or to make suggestions for topics you think we should cover.

Feel free to comment on any existing posts with relevant new links as well.

And don't forget – you can also make your own posts at any time.

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Reposting from my journal:

I have spent some time today organizing my current batch of links (and adding to them). In addition to that I pledged to the Injustice Boycott and I called my Senators and Representative to ask them to issue a statement condemning Steve Bannon's appointment to the White House in any capacity (and to thank the one who has already done so). Not a whole lot, but some.

I have so many links (So Many Links!), so instead of sharing them all in a huge batch, I'm going to share a couple of links to Things You Can Do Right Now.

1. Injustice Boycott (Dec 5) | Here is how we will boycott injustice and police brutality in America (Shaun King; NY Daily News)

This is you making a pledge that you will boycott cities, states, businesses, and institutions which are either willfully indifferent to police brutality and racial injustice or are deliberately destructive partners with it.

2. Contact your Senators/Representative regarding Steve Bannon's appointment as adviser to Trump in the White House, asking them to condemn said appointment, or thanking those who already have done so.

Here are some links regarding how to effectively contact your representative.

How to effectively talk to your member of congress ( | How Best To Harass Your Local Civil Servant ( | How to Effectively Lobby Your Congressperson ( | Script 2 | How to Contact Your Elected Officials (

Additionally, I have some scripts for phone calls that were provided from some very kind people. It made making these phone calls so much easier. Let me know if you'd like a script.

Here are some things you might want to know about Steve Bannon: Steve Bannon, the Trump adviser who spent years mainstreaming white nationalism, explained (

And here's the petition again in case you want to sign that: PETITION: STEPHEN BANNON HAS NO BUSINESS IN THE WHITE HOUSE (Southern Poverty Law Center)

3. Another thing you might want to do is send a Thank You letter to Hillary (I haven't done mine yet): We Can and Should Send Thank You Notes to Hillary Clinton (

I think it's important to note that, in a sea of badness, some good stuff has happened/is happening:

Kids Write Messages Of Love Outside Hillary Clinton’s Headquarters (

Meet Kamala Harris, Who Could Become The First Woman President – California’s popular attorney general is headed to Capitol Hill. The White House might be next. (

One small sign of progress: the number of women of color in the Senate quadrupled (

Stay Strong, My Friends!
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You all probably know all this, but in case you need a link to share with friends and family:

Find Your Representative - by zip code for House of Representatives. this should lead to your Reps, and then to their websites where you can find the contact info for the Washington D.C. Office and their State office.

Senators Contact - list form for the Senators. The link on their name seems to go to their webpage, and their link under "contact" can go to either a webform or a webpage. You'll have to experiment to see which one gets you to a phone number.

I highly recommend once you find your representatives' phone numbers (House Rep, and 2 Senators) that you program them into your phone. This will make calling them later easier, because there will be one less barrier to getting it done. Also works for you favorite Chinese take-out (changed my life.)


Contact your STATE REPRESENTATIVES and GOVERNOR. Right now, Republicans control the majority of State Legislatures, and these will be the rising stars of the party in future elections. No reason not to voice your displeasure at the direction of the national party with it's lower rung members.

NY Times Maps showing the distribution of parties amongst legislature's governorships.
Democrats Got Wrecked Again in State Legislative Races

I'm not going to list every state, so if folks want to share in comments that would be great. Also, if you're having trouble looking it up, let me know and I'll help.


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