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The latest attempt to repeal the ACA (which is designed to placate the Freedom Caucus) is now being opposed by some of the more moderate Republicans who were on board with the first attempt. With the House Republican leadership trying to figure out how to proceed next week, here's a target list of representatives who need to be contacted today or Monday to let them know you oppose ACA repeal.

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ACLU People Power has organized deportation solidarity event outside regional ICE offices tomorrow, Sunday, April 23rd at 3 p.m.

I know there's one in Boston, and a quick check found others in New York and Seattle. (The website isn't set up to search for events by date or time; I found those two by searching based on my old NYC and Bellevue, WA, zip codes.)

The Boston event looks small so far: 121 of us have signed up to attend, so I figure I'll be more noticeable there than I would be if I'd made it to the March for Science today.

Note: this was originally announced for April 22nd, and then rescheduled a couple of days ago.
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Public Participation in EPA's Regulatory Reform
Deadline: 15 May 2017

From [personal profile] watersword in our suggestions post:
The EPA is soliciting public comment on the plan to roll back environmental regulations; they're required by law to take comments into account when deciding next actions.
You can submit comments in writing using Email, Docket or mail, with the EPA page on the consultation providing the contact details for each method. Note that: All public comments will be accessible online in [the] docket

The docket page helpfully provides a Tips for Submitting Effective Comments (PDF) which is packed with good advice, and you can include attachments. We also have an excellent post from [personal profile] tassosss on how to turn a phone script into a letter (and structuring letters in general) that may be helpful when you're drafting your comment. As both suggest, the most effective comments are likely to be those that are specific and, if relevant, personal. It may also be worth revisiting the post we made about George Lakoff's suggestions for re-framing the debate, so that the focus is on talking about the "protections" that the EPA provides (rather than "regulations").

To figure out what you want to comment on, this article summarises some of the main areas of protection at risk under the proposed cuts. The EPA website provides information on:
  • Regulatory Information by Topic, as well as
  • how to find regulations and
  • how to get regulatory information for your state or region, since many EPA regulations are adminstered by state agencies.
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    Congress is in recess from April 8-23. This means that your congress people will be in their home districts holding town halls. If you're on a mailing list, this is a good time to scan it for upcoming events in your area.

    Also, MoveOn has a site to help you find events in your area, both hosted by the Congress person or by contituents.

    Attend a Resistance Recess event

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    from [personal profile] kyrielle

    Well, unless President Trump refuses to sign the bill, the regulation keeping our ISPs from selling our browsing history is going down.

    Minnesota is moving to handle it on a local scale; maybe those of us in other states should be reaching out to our state government to add similar local legislation?


    ETA: [personal profile] alexseanchai  has a good script in the comments
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    The ACLU just emailed me asking me to call my Congressmember and ask them to protect online privacy by voting against "SJ 34." I just spoke to Representative Clark's office, and her staffer told me that it had passed the senate (which I knew) and that the house bill is resolution 86.

    The house is scheduled to vote on this tomorrow, Tuesday March 28, so if you're going to call or fax, there's not a lot of time.

    Here's a script, from the ACLU except that I've put in the House resolution number:

    I’m calling to demand Congress protect my online privacy and keep FCC broadband rules intact. Do not pass House Resolution 86. I do not want internet service providers to sell my data without getting my permission.
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    On Wednesday, [personal profile] executrix  posted a link to Resistbot. I finally got around to trying it out today and I am here to now convert the rest of you into using it.

    Resistbot is my new favorite thing.

    Story time: The first week after Inauguration it wasn't hard to get over my fear of phones and call my representatives in Congress. It sucked but I did it. Then three things conspired to make me pretty much stop. 1) I live in a very vocal blue state. My senators and reps are already doing what I want them to do, so the urgency tapered as 2) real life reasserted itself and things simmered down since I can't live in crisis mode, and 3) when I did call, there were so many calls that I wasn't getting through anymore and it all felt pointless.

    I'm going to pause here and recommend you read What Calling Congress Achieves (The New Yorker) that [personal profile] snickfic  posted in today's linkspam. It reinvigorated my urge to contact Congress People because it DOES matter. It matters that we do it collectively in large numbers over the long haul.

    Back to Resistbot. Here's what it is. You text "resist" to their number 50409 and the bot answers. I got to grin and imagine I was talking to a droid in Star Wars.

    The bot asks for your name and zipcode. It finds your senators (it will add your representative if you use it again). Then it asks what you want to tell them. Here's where I messed up this time around: I talked to the bot instead of my senators. Don't do that. What you text to the bot is what's going to be put in the fax addressed to them, so you should address your representatives directly.

    I gotta say, it was really easy to do, and I really liked being able to text what I wanted to say. At this point in my life, texting is one of my major forms of communication, so it wasn't hard to come up with something. I think it's good because it also forces you to be short. Make one point and then send.

    The bot formats it into a letter, which it screenshots for you, and then faxes to the appropriate offices. All told it took about five minutes.

    To sum up:

    You basically get to text Congress without looking up their contact info
    The resistbot sends it to them as a faxed letter
    You don't have to call over and over again to get through jammed lines or full inboxes
    You don't have to talk to a person or wait for open office hours

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    Thank a Government Scientist

    The Union of Concerned Scientists is asking people to:
    Help pushback against the anti-science rhetoric from the Trump administration with some appreciation: Take a moment to thank a government scientist today. Let them know how much you appreciate the crucial role they play in our daily lives and that you will advocate for science-based policies every day!
    They provide suggested text and a hashtag for tweets/Facebook messages, along with contact details for the EPA, NOAA, NASA, DoE, USDA, FDA, USCPSC and NWS.

    They are also offering to forward snailmail cards to the relevant agency if you mail them to the address they provide.
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    The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care sent out an action alert.

    March 16 is National Call-In Day to protest planned Medicaid cuts. The SEIU provided a toll-free number for the calls.

    1. Call (866)-426-2631
    2. Enter your zip code and phone number
    3. A person will answer--leave a brief message asking your Representative to vote against the AHCA, specifically because block-granting Medicaid will lead to cuts in funds available for nursing home and home care. The elderly and disabled cannot afford to pay out of pocket for this exorbitantly expensive care, so Medicaid cuts means that they will not be able to get the care they need.
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    I don't know who started this, but there's an effort to send lots of handwritten (if possible) postcards to the White House tomorrow, March 15, expressing opposition to the president. I've written and stamped a few, dated tomorrow, which I will drop in a mailbox tomorrow morning. As I understand it, the point is partly to have a lot of different messages, and partly just to bury him in mail.

    I sent one that quotes the last lines of "The New Colossus" and then says "No ban! No wall!" one straightforward "save the Affordable Care Act," and one demanding that President Bannon resign.

    Here's the email I got about this project:

    On March 15th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our opposition to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his unpopularity and failure. We will show the media and the politicians what standing with him — and against us — means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House post office in pink slips, all informing Donnie that he’s fired.

    Each of us — every protester from every march, each congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer — if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 15th, well: you do the math.
    No alternative fact or Russian translation will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of fury. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a million pieces in a day, with not a single nice thing to say.

    So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest ill-wishes can pierce Donald’s famously thin skin.
    Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump

    Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Take a picture and post it on social media tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump ! Spread the word! Everyone on Earth should let Donnie know how he’s doing. They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.

    Then, on March 15th, mail your messages to:

    President (for now) Donald J. Trump
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    (Some of the cards I'm sending are addressed to just "the White House," that being what is suggested on the whitehouse.gov page about writing to Trump, and some have his name, without a title.)
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    from Vox

    The American Health Care Act: the Republicans’ bill to replace Obamacare, explained

    The puzzling way Republicans want to replace the individual mandate, explained with a cartoon <- I liked this.

    Vox Sentences: Pretty much no one likes the GOP’s health care bill

    Today in Obamacare: The rollout of the GOP plan is not going well

    The GOP health bill is a $600 billion tax cut — almost entirely for the wealthy

    Senate rules could force GOP to drop key policies in health bill

    4 key arguments Democrats will use to attack Trumpcare

    from Washington Post

    How the House Republicans’ proposed Obamacare replacement compares
    <- also good graphics

    Conservatives lash out at House GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill

    Income separates the winners and losers in Republicans’ health-care plans

    from New York Times

    Republicans’ Changes to Medicaid Could Have Larger Impact Than Their Changes to Obamacare
    <- good graphics on Medicaid

    G.O.P. Health Bill Faces Revolt From Conservative Forces

    The Republicans are trying to get this passed as fast as they can before even the Congressional Budget Office can get a report done on how much it will cost and who it will hurt. Because of Senate rules, the Republicans can't afford to have more than 2 of their own not vote for it. So calling your Republican Congresspeople is worthwhile, especially if you are in a state that expanded Medicaid

    ACTION: This is a topic to call your Senators and Representatives on this week.

    Script: Hi my name is [NAME] and I live in [ZIP CODE]. I'm calling because I am against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and opposed to the Republicans Healthcare plan. The Republicans plan puts a financial burden on sick people and will cause millions to lose their insurance coverage and I want [Congress Person] to vote against it.

    (Add in a personal story or other talking point you'd like to hit, as you will.)

    ETA: Audio stream on Indivisible call is here

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    Brought to you by the organizers of the Women's March

    From their page with info: https://www.womensmarch.com/womensday

    In the same spirit of love and liberation that inspired the Women's March, we join together in making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system--while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity. We recognize that trans and gender nonconforming people face heightened levels of discrimination, social oppression and political targeting. We believe in gender justice.

    Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, in one or all of the following ways:

    Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor

    Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).

    Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman

    A Day Without a Woman reaffirms our commitment to the Principles of Unity, which were collaboratively outlined for the Women’s March. We are inspired by recent courageous actions like the "Bodega strike" lead by Yemeni immigrant store owners in New York City and the Day Without Immigrants across the U.S. We applaud the efforts of #GrabYourWallet and others to bring public accountability to unethical corporate practices. The Women's March stands in solidarity with the International Women's Strike organizers, feminists of color and grassroots groups in planning global actions for equity, justice and human rights.

    When millions of us stood together in January, we saw clearly that our army of love greatly outnumbers that of fear, greed and hatred. Let's raise our voices together again, to say that women’s rights are human rights, regardless of a woman’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age or disability.

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    April 1, but no joke: March for Health April 1, confirmed locations are Washington DC, NYC, Seattle Santa Rosa, Rockledge, Bethlehem, and Morgantown, and several other cities may have their own marches: see

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    Another week in the resistance.

    Is anyone out there interested in helping us tag posts? That seems to be the area where we’re falling down the most.

    Reminder that we have a suggestion post if there’s a topic that you’d like to see discussed but would like to ask the mods to look into. This can be anything from general information, or a how-to-do-a-thing, or something you may want to discuss as a community. Folks are welcome to post directly to the comm as always, but if you’re not comfortable/don’t have spoons, we can help too.

    thisfinecrew discussion about where to put your energy
    has thoughts on philosophies and suggestions for coping with too many things being bad. Also, I proposed setting up something like Topic Teams in case people wanted to organize into smaller groups to track one topic. Is there interest in that? If so, I'll set up a post. That may also be easier to then be able to track what other resistence groups are doing with respect to each topic and what may be most useful in terms of putting pressure on politicians. Thoughts?

    Get Involved
    The ACLU is starting a grass roots wing and providing resistance training

    Immigration / Dreamers
    You can support Dreamers who need to renew their applications to the tune of $495

    Get Educated
    Why street protests matter
    Technology and brainwashing
    Linkspam: Don't get undocumented friend sin trouble, Women's strike, News on the Administration
    Linkspam: State legistlative special elections, links to daily newsletters, Obamacare replacement, media

    News to know

    Confirmation Hearings
    Rick Perry was confirmed as Secretary of Energy
    Ryan Zinke was confirmed as Secretary of Interior and showed up on horseback

    Jeff Sessions lied about not having contact with Russia - timeline from Vox with related coverage

    Republicans are working on their replacement healthcare bill in as much secrecy as possible. This will end well.

    Jewish community centers, schools, and cemeteries have been threatened and vandalized.

    How is everyone doing out there?

    Poll #18067 This week in the Resistance
    Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16


    View Answers

    called my one senatory
    4 (28.6%)

    called my other senator
    2 (14.3%)

    called my representative
    3 (21.4%)

    called by state representative
    1 (7.1%)

    called my state senator
    2 (14.3%)

    called my govnernor
    0 (0.0%)

    sent and email/letter/postcard
    5 (35.7%)

    donated money to a cause
    5 (35.7%)

    went to an in person activist group
    2 (14.3%)

    went to a protest
    3 (21.4%)


    View Answers

    went to a town hall
    0 (0.0%)

    signed up for daily action alerts
    2 (16.7%)

    took care of myself
    6 (50.0%)

    committed to action in the coming week
    3 (25.0%)

    did something else
    10 (83.3%)

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    Copied from the comment left in our suggestions post by [personal profile] monanotlisa. The committee meeting is taking place today from 10.15am. There's an amendment from the Republican chairman tabled in the committee listing, although I'm not entirely sure what the specific differences are between the two texts (or what they mean).

    Please make the phone calls to out of state reps on the Judiciary Committee and share this action with friends:

    According to reports, House Republicans are going to try to bury a resolution that could expose the president's ties to Russia and his business conflicts of interest.

    The "Resolution of Inquiry," sponsored by Jeff Nadler of New Jersey, "demands that Attorney General Jeff Sessions hand over to the Hill any document, record, memo, correspondence or other communication' pertaining to 'criminal or counterintelligence investigations' related to Trump, White House staff or his business."
    This resolution SHOULD get a vote on the House floor, but it WON'T if the Judiciary Committee kills it next week.

    We need to pressure the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. Call and demand that they NOT KILL the Resolution of Inquiry when it comes to them Tuesday.

    Sample Script: Hi, my name is ______ and I’m a constituent from (City/Zip). I’m calling to express my support for Congressman Nadler’s Resolution of Inquiry. In light of House chief of staff Reince Priebus’ improper request to the FBI, and reports that the Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chairmen of the Senate and House intelligence committees, had already begun speaking to reporters to challenge the story about a Russia connection to the Trump campaign, it is imperative that the Justice Dept. now releases all information regarding the Trump investigation to congress.

    Will _________ support Nadler's Resolution of Inquiry? Thank you for all your hard work answering the phones.

    Call the House Judiciary Committee (202) 225-3951
    And call the members of the committees:
    Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA-06)
    Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. (WI-05)
    Rep. Lamar Smith (TX-21)
    Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01)
    Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49)
    Rep. Steve King (IA-04)
    Rep. Trent Franks (AZ-08)
    Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01)
    Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04)
    Rep. Ted Poe (TX-02)
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT-03)
    Rep. Tom Marino (PA-10)
    Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-04)
    Rep. Raúl Labrador (ID-01)
    Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX-27)
    Rep. Doug Collins (GA-09)
    Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06)
    Rep. Ken Buck (CO-04)
    Rep. John Ratcliffe (TX-04)
    Rep. Martha Roby (AL-02)
    Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-01)
    Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04)
    Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05)
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    We've had a few posts and links previously about how to present your arguments so they appeal to Republican-leaning voters, and on how we might refer to Trump. I've now been pointed to some really interesting stuff by George Lakoff, a professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley about how to "frame" the argument to direct the way an issue is perceived and therefore how people respond.

    A classic example he uses is that Republicans talk about removing "regulations" -- which are in fact "public protections" (e.g. for clean water and air) that they want to do away with.

    He's got a lot of stuff on his blog, but here's a couple of places to start:

    A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do

    Ten points for Democracy Activists

    A lengthy (20-minute) interview on PBS

    Lakoff is aiming to establish a "Citizens’ Communication Network" -- I'm not exactly sure what he has in mind with this, but he suggests you can "unofficially join" by following him on Facebook or Twitter for more information and insights while he sets it up.
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    Again, it's been a week with some good "wins" in among new awfulness. As this article about the collapse of Andrew Puzder's nomination as Labor Secretary points out (thanks to Snickfic for the link), the resistance is having an effect.

    So what next?

    Muslim Ban/Immigration

    The White House seems to have realized it's not going to succeed in court with the original Executive Order and is talking about issuing a new, slightly more limited version of the order, though legal analysts think the courts will still maintain the restraining order preventing its implementation.

    Meanwhile, ICE seem to be pushing at limits imposed by policies from the Obama administration, detaining a DACA recipient and stripping him of his DACA status, picking up immigrants outside churches and arresting a victim of domestic violence when she was attending a court hearing.

    Check for protest marches and rallies
    Sign the petition to respect "sensitive locations", including churches
    Donate to these organisations
    Check our Muslim Ban and Immigration tags for organisations that need donations or other kinds of support.

    Confirmation Hearings

    Scott Pruitt was approved as head of the EPA, despite protests from EPA insiders, but Andrew Puzder withdrew as nominee for Secretary of Labor after his many horrible and hypocritical actions were highlighted. Meanwhile, Trump seems to be struggling to find someone to take on the National Security Advisor role after Mike Flynn was pushed out over his Russian connections. Snickfic has linked to some good background reading about all of this in this link roundup

    Meanwhile, the Trump administration is losing staff either because they failed background checks or because they were fired for past disloyalty to Trump.

    No new confirmation hearings have been scheduled for next week so far, but we'll keep you posted on any developments.

    Get involved

    Add a report on Town Hall or other recess action to defend ACA to the Indivisible/OFA database
    Figure out the local impact of legislation so you can include it when you protest to representatives (via Snickfic's link roundup)
    Defend Voting Rights (two links in Snickfic's roundup)
    Know your rights and don't let the police take them away from you
    Track down your "invisible" representatives - members of Congress who haven't scheduled Town Halls

    Get educated

    As always, don't forget to check our What's Next? Resources Roundup (and the comments) for more links and [personal profile] snickfic's terrific link roundup posts. Remember that you can use the comments to add more links.

    Housekeeping Note

    We're a bit behind on tagging, so feel free to tag your own posts if there are a suitable tags available. (Put a request in the post or in the Suggestions Post, or shoot the mods a PM, if you'd like us to create a tag.)

    Poll #18008 The Week
    Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16

    This Week, I...

    View Answers

    called my one senator
    8 (66.7%)

    called my other senator
    7 (58.3%)

    called my representative
    3 (25.0%)

    got on a resistance call
    0 (0.0%)

    signed up for daily or weekly action alerts
    1 (8.3%)

    called my state senator
    1 (8.3%)

    called my state representative
    1 (8.3%)

    called my governor
    0 (0.0%)

    went to a protest
    1 (8.3%)

    got involved with a local group
    3 (25.0%)

    View Answers

    sent a postcard/email/letter
    6 (46.2%)

    donated money
    6 (46.2%)

    took care of myself
    7 (53.8%)

    committed to action in the coming week
    3 (23.1%)

    did something else
    4 (30.8%)

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    Via Faithful America:

    Several Latino men had just left the hypothermia shelter at Rising Hope Mission Church in Alexandria, Virginia when a dozen federal agents suddenly surrounded them, pushed them up against a wall, and began checking their immigration status.

    Under a policy set by the Obama administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are supposed to avoid churches and other "sensitive locations."

    But now that Donald Trump is president, ICE has apparently decided that it's okay to lie in wait outside a church and indiscriminately detain those leaving it.

    This raid appears to be the first of its kind, so we need a huge national outcry immediately - before ICE attacks the sanctity of any more churches.

    Sign the petition
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    US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year-old Mexican immigrant who came to the United States as a child and has no criminal record, in Seattle on Friday. According to the report, Ramirez was granted a work permit under the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and his arrest could be the first of its kind under a Trump presidency.
    Mr Ramirez has now filed a complaint in federal court against his detention:
    According to the lawsuit, Ramirez was asleep at his father's home last Friday morning when ICE agents arrived and arrested the father. When they entered, they asked Ramirez if he was in the country legally, and Ramirez said he had a work permit, the lawsuit stated.

    ICE agents took Ramirez to a processing center in Seattle and he again disclosed his DACA work permit, the lawsuit stated.

    "It doesn't matter, because you weren't born in this country," one of the agents said, according to the lawsuit.
    ICE are now claiming that Mr Ramirez is a "self-admitted gang member" (presumably to cover up how badly they've screwed up here).

    The Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, who are supporting Mr Ramirez's complaint, have issued a statement saying they "believe this is an isolated incident and not and indication that ICE is going after DACA recipients." However, it could encourage other ICE offices to disregard DACA approvals.

    Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Patty Murray and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal have all taken an interest in the case (see comments in the article linked at the top of the post), so Washington residents can take action by calling their offices to protest Mr Ramirez's detention.

    The following organisations are working on DACA issues if you want to make a donation:

    Northwest Immigrants Rights Project
    Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)
    League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

    (As far as I'm aware, these are all legitimate and highly respected.)

    Please feel free to use the comments to suggest more actions/places to donate.
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    In a week that has (finally!) seen some significant "wins", I urge everyone to take a few minutes (re-)read [personal profile] teaotter's post with Comforting words after the Cabinet confirmation battles (reposting text from the Indivisible Guide Facebook), along with the links provided by [personal profile] rydra_wong in the comments. Because, as the Indivisible team says: "You have already made history. "

    Muslim Ban

    As I'm sure everyone knows, the appeal court confirmed the temporary restraining order on certain parts of the Executive Order. That means the worst of the measures have been rolled back while the case to decide on the legality of the Executive Order itself is considered. For ongoing actions, you can check for protest marches and rallies, or look for information in our Muslim Ban tag for organisations that need donations or other kinds of support.

    Confirmation Hearings

    It's no surprise that all of Trump's nominations, including DeVos and Sessions, have been approved by a Republican-dominate Senate, though more slowly than in any previous administration -- but the Democrats have found their spines again, some Republicans have crossed the floor and voted against the nominations, and we have a new rallying cry: "Nevertheless, she persisted". So let's go on persisting!

    More Confirmation Hearings by Senate Committees are scheduled for the coming week, so we'll be posting about those over the next few days.

    What else?

    Get involved

    Get training for Town Hall Participation
    Join a local protest or find the nearest protest on an issue you care about (Check the comments for a second link, originally posted by [personal profile] snickfic)
    Go to your local Huddle (Post-Women's March meetings - go here to find your nearest one)
    Help elect scientists, pro-choice women and women in general, and progressive young people into public office.
    Defend PPACA
    Write a Letter (with the help of an "Organising for Action" tool)
    Petition the Army Corps of Engineers to do a full environmental impact for DAPL (The developers have started work again on the pipeline after the "So-Called President" signed an EO ignoring ongoing legal issues and granting permission to do so.)
    Help with winning upcoming elections in 2017
    Donate to support educators
    Work to reduce Voter Suppression

    Get educated

    Two sites providing daily roundups of the news
    Sign up for text alerts from NARAL
    Read an article in The Atlantic on how to re-frame your arguments to persuade Conservatives

    Have something to share?

    Leak information (safely) to news agencies

    Don't forget to check our What's Next? Resources Roundup (and the comments) for more links, as well as [personal profile] snickfic's terrific link roundup posts. Remember that you can use the comments to add more links.

    Housekeeping Note

    We're a bit behind on tagging, so feel free to tag your own posts if there are suitable tags available. (If you'd like us to create a tag, put a request in your post, comment on the Suggestions Post, or shoot the mods a PM.)

    Please also check recent posts to see if a link has already been posted. If someone has made a post on the same topic with different links in the last couple of days, consider adding new links in the comments to that post.

    Poll #17984 The Week
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    This week I...

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    called my one senator
    8 (80.0%)

    called my other senator
    7 (70.0%)

    called my representative
    4 (40.0%)

    got on a resistance call
    0 (0.0%)

    signed up for daily or weekly action alerts
    3 (30.0%)

    called my state senator
    3 (30.0%)

    called my state representative
    2 (20.0%)

    called my governor
    1 (10.0%)

    went to a protest
    4 (40.0%)

    got involved with a local group
    2 (20.0%)

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    sent a postcard/email/letter
    4 (26.7%)

    donated money
    7 (46.7%)

    took care of myself
    11 (73.3%)

    committed to action in the coming week
    5 (33.3%)

    did something else
    7 (46.7%)


    Never Give Up, Never Surrender

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