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This community is intended to be a place to gather links to resources and step-by-step actions to take to be more involved in various efforts in the wake of Donald Trump's election to the Presidency. It's going to be relatively low-key, focused on simple things you can do and sharing information for larger things you can do to protect yourself and your fellow at-risk Americans.

This is a work in progress, so please add suggestions to comments. Right now, posts will consist primarily of link round-ups and actions you can do from your computer or phone (i.e. donate to causes, call your congressperson)

Your mods are [personal profile] tassosss , [personal profile] tanaqui , and [personal profile] tsumego . Drop us a line if you need anything.

This is a community to support people, especially minorities, LGBTQA+, women's groups, and anyone else who will be negatively impacted by public policy in the next four years. Absolutely no hate-speech will be tolerated.

What you can post to this community
1. Links to organizations, news articles, posts, etc. (mods will add tags/clean-up tags)
2. Actions you are taking - called your representatives? great, maybe it'll inspire the next person to do the same
3. Suggestions for posts that the mods will do a little research on.

Community name and title from:

"As long as there is injustice, whenever a Targathian baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds among the stars, we'll be there. This fine ship, this fine crew. Never give up... and never surrender." -- Jason Nesmith, Galaxy Quest
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Please use this post to leave any links you'd like us to include in future link round-ups or to make suggestions for topics you think we should cover.

Feel free to comment on any existing posts with relevant new links as well.

And don't forget – you can also make your own posts at any time.

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Activism / resources (To Do)
* How to build a resilient culture of resistance in hard times (Waging Nonviolence)

* How to Run for Your Local School Board (Teen Vogue)

* Why I Ran: Rep. Erin Maye Quade (Elle)

News / analysis (To Read)
* The Morality of Voting? (Emily Ellsworth)

* ‘I’m a Dead Man Walking’ (Politico). Lengthy profile of Rep. Mark Sanford (SC), who is vocally anti-Trump.

* When A Politician Says 'Fake News' And A Newspaper Threatens To Sue Back (NPR)

* How India Saved the Internet (Waging Nonviolence). On how a bunch of Indian activists prevented India from becoming a "digital colony" of Facebook.

* The Movement for Black Lives, with their platform. This is the group that calls itself the United Front. I believe it grew out of Black Lives Matter, but is built of a coalition of a whole bunch of groups. Their platform is long, thorough, and really worth a read-through (which I haven't done yet).

* A Mild-Mannered Woman From Washington Is The Democrats’ Deadliest Weapon (HuffPo)
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Again, it's been a week with some good "wins" in among new awfulness. As this article about the collapse of Andrew Puzder's nomination as Labor Secretary points out (thanks to Snickfic for the link), the resistance is having an effect.

So what next?

Muslim Ban/Immigration

The White House seems to have realized it's not going to succeed in court with the original Executive Order and is talking about issuing a new, slightly more limited version of the order, though legal analysts think the courts will still maintain the restraining order preventing its implementation.

Meanwhile, ICE seem to be pushing at limits imposed by policies from the Obama administration, detaining a DACA recipient and stripping him of his DACA status, picking up immigrants outside churches and arresting a victim of domestic violence when she was attending a court hearing.

Check for protest marches and rallies
Sign the petition to respect "sensitive locations", including churches
Donate to these organisations
Check our Muslim Ban and Immigration tags for organisations that need donations or other kinds of support.

Confirmation Hearings

Scott Pruitt was approved as head of the EPA, despite protests from EPA insiders, but Andrew Puzder withdrew as nominee for Secretary of Labor after his many horrible and hypocritical actions were highlighted. Meanwhile, Trump seems to be struggling to find someone to take on the National Security Advisor role after Mike Flynn was pushed out over his Russian connections. Snickfic has linked to some good background reading about all of this in this link roundup

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is losing staff either because they failed background checks or because they were fired for past disloyalty to Trump.

No new confirmation hearings have been scheduled for next week so far, but we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Get involved

Add a report on Town Hall or other recess action to defend ACA to the Indivisible/OFA database
Figure out the local impact of legislation so you can include it when you protest to representatives (via Snickfic's link roundup)
Defend Voting Rights (two links in Snickfic's roundup)
Know your rights and don't let the police take them away from you
Track down your "invisible" representatives - members of Congress who haven't scheduled Town Halls

Get educated

As always, don't forget to check our What's Next? Resources Roundup (and the comments) for more links and [personal profile] snickfic's terrific link roundup posts. Remember that you can use the comments to add more links.

Housekeeping Note

We're a bit behind on tagging, so feel free to tag your own posts if there are a suitable tags available. (Put a request in the post or in the Suggestions Post, or shoot the mods a PM, if you'd like us to create a tag.)

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called my other senator
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called my representative
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got on a resistance call
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signed up for daily or weekly action alerts
1 (8.3%)

called my state senator
1 (8.3%)

called my state representative
1 (8.3%)

called my governor
0 (0.0%)

went to a protest
1 (8.3%)

got involved with a local group
3 (25.0%)

View Answers

sent a postcard/email/letter
6 (50.0%)

donated money
5 (41.7%)

took care of myself
7 (58.3%)

committed to action in the coming week
3 (25.0%)

did something else
4 (33.3%)

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To report on your Town Hall or other recess action to defend ACA, here's the form for adding your action to the Indivisible/OFA database:

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(Following up on the post earlier in the week:)

Lawyers for DACA recipient Daniel Ramirez -- arrested last Friday during a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain his father and placed in deportation proceedings on Tuesday -- are claiming that ICE doctored a statement by Ramirez to justify stripping him of his DACA protections and beginning deportation.

According to Vox:
On Tuesday, lawyers filed a complaint in federal court over Ramirez’s detention, asking a judge to order the Department of Homeland Security to release Ramirez because he hasn’t been charged with anything and shouldn’t, as a DACA recipient, have been detained in the first place.

The federal magistrate judge in the case ordered the government to clarify why Ramirez was detained despite having DACA, and whether DHS had placed him in deportation proceedings.

On Thursday, the federal government filed a brief with the judge indicating that they had, in fact, placed Ramirez in deportation proceedings on Tuesday the 14th. When that happened, Ramirez was stripped of his DACA protections.
In a separate filing on Thursday, Ramirez's lawyers said ICE has launched a public campaign to smear Ramirez. The filing said:
immigration officers removed words from a written statement by Ramirez denying gang involvement to make it sound as if he was admitting gang affiliation.
You can see a copy of the (incredibly badly doctored!) contested statement and details of what Ramirez says he actually wrote in this news story. Nobody is quite sure at this stage whether this is an isolated case, a new ICE policy -- or an isolated case that will turn into an new ICE policy if ICE succeeds.

As well as the actions suggested in our earlier post, such as supporting MALDEF and calling your representatives, the latest Re:Act newsletter offers some more ideas for action:
Support the National Immigration Law Center. The NILC has a mission to defend and advance the rights and opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.

View the current causes of Border Angels, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that advocates for issues related to the US-Mexican border.

Sign up for briefings with the National Immigration Forum.
The Re:Act newsletter has links to other cases where ICE seems to be pushing at the boundaries of policy under the Obama Administration.
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As always, check the comments for links as well. (I often forget to mention that in the post, sorry.)

Activism / Resources (To Do)
* Report Shows ‘Untapped Power’ of Constituent Advocacy (Roll Call). I wasn't sure how to take this, as it seems to argue against phone calls in addition to arguing for in-person advocacy.

Analysis (To Read)
Here's How Much Betsy DeVos And Her Family Paid To Back GOP Senators Who Will Support Her (MSN)

* Voting Laws Roundup 2017 (Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law)

* The voting rights manifesto: a state-by-state plan to defend democracy (Vox)

* No Limits: How Obamacare made health insurance work for this sick boy — and thousands like him. (Vox)

* The Real Reason Why Andy Puzder Won’t Become Labor Secretary (The Nation). Really interesting how the Betsy DeVos hearings helped kill Puzder's nomination.

* The Resistance Prevented Puzder from Becoming Labor Secretary (The Nation). I feel like this article stopped about 2/3 of the way through, before talking about what the organized labor resistance was actually DOING. But still interesting.

* This Emoluments Thing Isn’t Going Away (Slate)

* E.P.A. Workers Try to Block Pruitt in Show of Defiance (NYT)
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7 ways that police will break the law, threaten you, or lie to you.

Know what is and isn't legal -- and the dirty tricks police use to end-run around the law -- if you are confronted.
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Via Faithful America:

Several Latino men had just left the hypothermia shelter at Rising Hope Mission Church in Alexandria, Virginia when a dozen federal agents suddenly surrounded them, pushed them up against a wall, and began checking their immigration status.

Under a policy set by the Obama administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are supposed to avoid churches and other "sensitive locations."

But now that Donald Trump is president, ICE has apparently decided that it's okay to lie in wait outside a church and indiscriminately detain those leaving it.

This raid appears to be the first of its kind, so we need a huge national outcry immediately - before ICE attacks the sanctity of any more churches.

Sign the petition
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National Lawyers Guild courthouse protest in Manhattan tomorrow, which would be too narrow to post here except for other information on the page about legal rights of people arrested in earlier protests.

ETA: See https://www.nlg.org/legal-community-strikes-back-on-f17/ for events in many other cities, eg Washington DC, Boston, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Sacramento, etc. See bit.ly/LawStrikesBack on Facebook for coverage.
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US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year-old Mexican immigrant who came to the United States as a child and has no criminal record, in Seattle on Friday. According to the report, Ramirez was granted a work permit under the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and his arrest could be the first of its kind under a Trump presidency.
Mr Ramirez has now filed a complaint in federal court against his detention:
According to the lawsuit, Ramirez was asleep at his father's home last Friday morning when ICE agents arrived and arrested the father. When they entered, they asked Ramirez if he was in the country legally, and Ramirez said he had a work permit, the lawsuit stated.

ICE agents took Ramirez to a processing center in Seattle and he again disclosed his DACA work permit, the lawsuit stated.

"It doesn't matter, because you weren't born in this country," one of the agents said, according to the lawsuit.
ICE are now claiming that Mr Ramirez is a "self-admitted gang member" (presumably to cover up how badly they've screwed up here).

The Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, who are supporting Mr Ramirez's complaint, have issued a statement saying they "believe this is an isolated incident and not and indication that ICE is going after DACA recipients." However, it could encourage other ICE offices to disregard DACA approvals.

Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Patty Murray and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal have all taken an interest in the case (see comments in the article linked at the top of the post), so Washington residents can take action by calling their offices to protest Mr Ramirez's detention.

The following organisations are working on DACA issues if you want to make a donation:

Northwest Immigrants Rights Project
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

(As far as I'm aware, these are all legitimate and highly respected.)

Please feel free to use the comments to suggest more actions/places to donate.
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UPDATE: News sites are reporting that Puzder has withdrawn himself from consideration.

Alert for people in MAINE, ALASKA, SOUTH CAROLINA and GEORGIA: Four Republican senators in your states -- Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Tim Scott of South Carolina and Johnny Isakson of Georgia -- are holding off on expressing support for Puzder. All four sit on the Senate Health, Education, Labour and Pensions committee which is holding the hearing into Puzder's nomination. Please call them if you can to voice your objections!

Nomination of Andrew Puzder to serve as Secretary of Labor

When: Thursday 16 February 2017 from 10.00am

Committee Members, what the committee should be concerned about and calling script )

Please use the comments to suggest more reasons why the committee should reject the nomination and to suggest amendments to the calling script.

Housekeeping note: There is a third hearing scheduled for Thursday 16 Feb at 10am, in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, into the nomination of David Friedman to be Ambassador to Israel. I don't feel qualified to comment on the issues around that appointment, so I won't be making a post. If anyone else wants to make a post, please feel free to do so.
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An 8-page guide from Indivisible about tracking down an "Invisible MOC"--a Congressmember who hasn't scheduled Town Halls.

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In a week that has (finally!) seen some significant "wins", I urge everyone to take a few minutes (re-)read [personal profile] teaotter's post with Comforting words after the Cabinet confirmation battles (reposting text from the Indivisible Guide Facebook), along with the links provided by [personal profile] rydra_wong in the comments. Because, as the Indivisible team says: "You have already made history. "

Muslim Ban

As I'm sure everyone knows, the appeal court confirmed the temporary restraining order on certain parts of the Executive Order. That means the worst of the measures have been rolled back while the case to decide on the legality of the Executive Order itself is considered. For ongoing actions, you can check for protest marches and rallies, or look for information in our Muslim Ban tag for organisations that need donations or other kinds of support.

Confirmation Hearings

It's no surprise that all of Trump's nominations, including DeVos and Sessions, have been approved by a Republican-dominate Senate, though more slowly than in any previous administration -- but the Democrats have found their spines again, some Republicans have crossed the floor and voted against the nominations, and we have a new rallying cry: "Nevertheless, she persisted". So let's go on persisting!

More Confirmation Hearings by Senate Committees are scheduled for the coming week, so we'll be posting about those over the next few days.

What else?

Get involved

Get training for Town Hall Participation
Join a local protest or find the nearest protest on an issue you care about (Check the comments for a second link, originally posted by [personal profile] snickfic)
Go to your local Huddle (Post-Women's March meetings - go here to find your nearest one)
Help elect scientists, pro-choice women and women in general, and progressive young people into public office.
Defend PPACA
Write a Letter (with the help of an "Organising for Action" tool)
Petition the Army Corps of Engineers to do a full environmental impact for DAPL (The developers have started work again on the pipeline after the "So-Called President" signed an EO ignoring ongoing legal issues and granting permission to do so.)
Help with winning upcoming elections in 2017
Donate to support educators
Work to reduce Voter Suppression

Get educated

Two sites providing daily roundups of the news
Sign up for text alerts from NARAL
Read an article in The Atlantic on how to re-frame your arguments to persuade Conservatives

Have something to share?

Leak information (safely) to news agencies

Don't forget to check our What's Next? Resources Roundup (and the comments) for more links, as well as [personal profile] snickfic's terrific link roundup posts. Remember that you can use the comments to add more links.

Housekeeping Note

We're a bit behind on tagging, so feel free to tag your own posts if there are suitable tags available. (If you'd like us to create a tag, put a request in your post, comment on the Suggestions Post, or shoot the mods a PM.)

Please also check recent posts to see if a link has already been posted. If someone has made a post on the same topic with different links in the last couple of days, consider adding new links in the comments to that post.

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This week I...

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called my one senator
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called my other senator
7 (70.0%)

called my representative
4 (40.0%)

got on a resistance call
0 (0.0%)

signed up for daily or weekly action alerts
3 (30.0%)

called my state senator
3 (30.0%)

called my state representative
2 (20.0%)

called my governor
1 (10.0%)

went to a protest
4 (40.0%)

got involved with a local group
2 (20.0%)

View Answers

sent a postcard/email/letter
4 (26.7%)

donated money
7 (46.7%)

took care of myself
11 (73.3%)

committed to action in the coming week
5 (33.3%)

did something else
7 (46.7%)

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C&Pd from Organizing for Action:

Hi OFA friends!

I attended an amazingly effective training this week in NYC led by former ACT UP heroes who now help lead advocacy at Housing Works and the Center for Popular Democracy.

Like OFA, the focus of this training is on protecting and improving the ACA, and these super-experienced activists are teaching health oriented groups nationwide how to use "birddogging" to get their questions and issues heard at Town Halls and other in-district events during the Congressional recesses coming up this month and in April.

I am so excited to have attended their event in NYC and to share this opportunity with as many fellow activists-in-training as possible.

Following is a long email from one of the trainers, which outlines the effort, and has a LIST OF TRAININGS scheduled so far (go to each facebook event link to RSVP if there's one near you). At the end, you'll find his contact info to set up a new training event for your area. (I intend to add each of these as OFA events as well, to help people find them -- and I'll reply to this chain with new facebook event links as soon as locations are set for places not specified below...)

Onward! We are winning! We can win!

Hope S.
Do you want to fight for health justice, improving the ACA and affordable medicine for everyone everywhere? Can you help us gather 15-20 people in a room for 90 minutes between Feb 9 and Feb 27? Or again the last week of March and 1st week of April?

Our friends from Housing Works, a large AIDS service provider and HIV activist group, and Center for Popular Democracy, a national network of community organizing groups, are helping set up a nationwide network of people who are linked up, trained and ready to get face-time with their Members of Congress, at in-district town halls and other public meetings. If you can join us in recruiting that posse above, please message Paul (p.davis@housingworks.org), and our team will coordinate to send organizers to help you get prepared and plugged into local events, and connected with other folks in your area!

WHAT: This is a new and rapidly developing organizing project to fight to protect health, and is intentionally under the radar—for now. Elected officials are already developing new tactics to try to avoid their own voters in their districts, and we need to keep a step ahead!

One top-line goal is that any ACA replacement must cover *more* people, and with *less* out-of-pocket costs, and *with* no reductions in benefits, preventative policies or protections for preexisting conditions. We need affordable medicine for everyone, everywhere.

HOW: The network is focused on face-to-face contact with elected officials, is open to all, and is collaborating with many of the (rapidly growing!) number of groups in the field advocating for health care for all. We will also build relationships with in-district Congressional staff and communicate with them regularly. We are most effective when we make these demands directly and publicly to our elected officials at their public meetings, while also building regular relationships with them and their staff in-district.

WHO: Local groups of any sort, including students chapters, HIV and other social service providers, health professionals, direct-action affinity groups, labor, faith-based advocates. The organizers will maintain a calendar of town hall events and other opportunities that will help your crew stay on top of our chances to speak truth to power. They will also make sure that once groups are trained, they are in touch with each other when there is an event coming up and can coordinate. Organizers will also help share the results driven by our town hall actions with all the groups, as well as with national partners, so that we can keep piling on the pressure and back each other up across the country.

We need to move fast, in order to be ready to mobilize for the President's Day Recess the last week of February and Easter Recess in the middle of April, when Congress will be home. If you can rustle upa posse that wants to plug in, then please connect with this town hall organizing project!

Email p.davis@housingworks.org or jflynn@populardemocracy.org

This initiative is especially focused on republicans in red states and red districts, and on the committees health advocates care about. Blue cities matter too—we need to make sure the Ds fight for us!—and we can also road trip to support people in red districts. We’ll meet you anywhere if we can staff it.

We can also do webinars for your group for birddogger trainings and conference calls, but we’re prioritizing in-person organizing.

Please let us know if you can help us put together people in a room who want to take action. We will do another organizing swing a few weeks later for Easter Recess too. Handfuls of birddoggers around the country have changed the course of history before. Together, we can do this!

Palm Beach FL Feb 10: https://www.facebook.com/events/1267485723335055??...
Miami Feb 11: https://www.facebook.com/events/1444650602275341??...
Detroit Feb 12: https://www.facebook.com/events/625998820930630??t...
Grand Rapids Feb 12: https://www.facebook.com/events/765741060242407??t...
New Orleans Feb 13 and 14: https://www.facebook.com/events/669641846571761??t...
Las Vegas Feb 14:
Phoenix Feb 15
Sewanee, TN Feb 15
New Haven Feb 16: https://www.facebook.com/events/102869306899767??t...
Madison WI, Feb 17 : https://www.facebook.com/events/1775550576098505/
Columbus Feb 18: https://www.facebook.com/events/574053492785768??t...
Boston Feb 19 : https://www.facebook.com/events/249526255495902??t...
Portland Maine Feb 21
Atlanta Feb 21
Tampa Feb 20 or 22
Richmond VA Feb 22
Baltimore Feb 25 : https://www.facebook.com/events/170836846739507??t...
More coming!

Paul Davis
National Advocacy Coordinator, Housing Works • Washington, DC
+1 202 817 0129
Skype/im: pdavisx
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From links provided by [personal profile] glass_icarus and [personal profile] rydra_wong in our suggestions post, two sites providing a daily round-up of the main news stories. I've found these useful when I haven't had a chance to read my usual mix of sources, and they usually offer a couple of stories I've missed even if I have done that.

Today in Trumpland

What The Fuck Just Happened Today

Feel free to add similar sites in comments, and don't forget that you can drop links on any of [personal profile] snickfic's link roundup posts or make your own posts.
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Here is a google docs spreadsheet listing protests happening around the country this weekend:

Resist Trump Protests.
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So, the post women's march meetings are being called 'huddles' and I went to one last night.

(Side note: I'm Australian, but we're facing some of the same issues that the US is, and have been getting into the activist movement in parallel with the US liberals.)

I'm not sure if other people have been to the follow up huddles in their area, or how they feel about on-the-ground organisation, but I found it really helpful and reassuring to meet others who were willing to talk about the same feelings of frustration and anger, as well as how to work towards fixing things. I encourage people to connect with people in their local area if that's within your capability.

Brief: the Sydney Women's March was initially organised by American expats, and they were expecting maybe 800 people to walk. They got an estimated 8-9K. Australians are Not Happy, Jan.

good follow-up )

Anyway, if you have any huddles in your area, I would strongly encourage you to join them, if only to know that you're not alone, and to access the resources of others, while being a resource to others yourself.

Worth noting: there will probably be more women's marches for International Women's Day - at least, there will be in Sydney. Check out your town/city for details of what's happening in your area, if anything.

And know that the US certainly isn't alone in this; other Western democracies are mobilising too, and while your media won't show it (and sometimes ours won't either), it is happening.
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...or the state legislature, or city hall:


314 Action, a pro-science group (why does this even have to be a thing?) has a form where you can nominate "someone from a STEM background who you think will be a champion for science when elected. We'll reach out and see if he or she is interest in running for office. Then we'll help him or her every step of the way."


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